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  1. ct13

    Bikes stolen in Titusville Fl

    I just got back last night from Daytona Supercross, which my son raced in the Amateur race and did the RCU on Monday. Got in to Daytona Friday night with 09 KX250F locked in back of Pickup parked under the lights right out front of Hampton Inn adjacent to Speedway. Came out Saturday morning, chain cut and bike gone. Had to stand in 4.5 hour line to register him for the Sunday race, even though he now had no bike. Couldn't secure anything that day and even tried at the SX Saturday night, but got to bed at midnight with no good leads. Sunday morning went to track at 7:00 am and was able to find someone that let us use his practice bike, which saved our trip from Chicago. Met another guy from Miami who had 2 bikes stolen out of his pickup. He saw them loading them at about 2:00 am and chased them, called cops and cops said they couldn't chase. Vehichle was also stolen, so got away. Seems like a lucrative business down there, especially during bike week.
  2. ct13

    Rib fractures

    It has been a week since injury and noticeable improvement. I can get up out of bed without feeling like I'm being stabbed. I've had to cough a few times and that sucks, but for the most part, I am very happy with where I am. Everyday is better, so I feel optimistic that this will be a fast recovery. Thanks
  3. ct13

    Rib fractures

    I had a nasty spill yesterday, hitting my right side hard. I fractured my 6 and 7 ribs on the side and is hurting bad. What do I have to look forward to? How long is recovery? I also am swollen pretty good all down my side, and probably some good deep bruising going on, although I had full cat scan and no internal damage. Hoping this won't be a very long road. Any suggestions on what I should do without over doing it? Thank you!! Chris
  4. ct13

    Answers for a torn bicep?

    Keep the faith. I did mine last year beginning of May and was back riding by end of July. I know that sounds insane, but I recovered very fast. My doc encouraged movement early on, so I was using it 3 weeks after surgery. Don't get me wrong, it sucked, but not near as bad as I thought it would. No problems at all since then, although it looks a bit different than before.
  5. About a year ago, I ruptured my schapholunate ligament. The pain comes and goes, obviously related to amount of activity, but I'm trying to find out the best option for going forward. I tape my wrist before riding, but after a couple of hours, my grip weakens and numbs a bit, along with wrist pain. I realize I will need surgery ultimately, but does it make sense to do it sooner than later? Or does it really matter? Thanks, CT
  6. ct13

    Sprained Wrist

    Could very well be ligament damage. I ruptured a ligament back in July - schapolunate. I would see a wrist ortho to get correct diagnosis.
  7. ct13

    Rough cartilage under kneecap

    It was the first two weeks after surgery that were the worst, but after that recovery wasn't too bad, and I did push it pretty hard. I did quite a bit of stationary biking and that helped quite a bit. Probaby 6 months to get back to being fairly normal. I wasn't riding then, so not sure how long I would have waited, but knowing me, maybe 4 months to light riding. Make sure you have a good Dr. Mine was excellent and he even did a minimaly invasive procedure. I was expecting a Knee replacement type cut, but instead he did two small 3" incisions on the sides of my kneecap. That alone saved me quite a bit of recovery time, since he didn't have to cut the patellar tendon. Where are you located? This Dr. is in NW Chicago.
  8. ct13

    Rough cartilage under kneecap

    It sounds similar to a situation I had about 5 years ago. I injured my knee playing basketball. A few weeks after, I had pain when going up/down stairs, running, and any impact type stuff. I had it scoped and found I had cartilidge damage on the femoral condyle (the groove at the end of the femur - under kee cap) Dr. said he could do nothing so I sought out a specialist. I ended up having an allograft, which is a transplant of cartilidge and bone from a fresh cadaver. The surgery sucked, but after a few months I was back to normal. I had it when I was 40 and I have been skiing, riding, and just about everything else, so it was a success. Only problem is now, I found ways to injur other parts of my body.
  9. ct13

    scapholunte ligament tear

    Thanks, guys. I guess I missed my window, since it's been about 7 months. The strange thing is that it seems to be getting better. I don't get it. I was shooting baskets last night without much of a problem, and that is all wrist action. I wonder if some muscles in that area are compensating for the lack of a ligament. Well, I guess I'll see in time. My Dr. also warned of certain arthritis, but said by then there will probably be better techniques to deal with it. Who knows.
  10. ct13

    scapholunte ligament tear

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I have a worse problem with my ankle, so I will probably have to take care of that one first. Thinking of cortisone in the wrist to see if that will help. I'm glad to hear that it is working out for you. How long since your surgery?
  11. ct13

    scapholunte ligament tear

    How did you come to the decision to have this surgery? I ruptured mine last July and have been dealing with it. Taping while riding does the job fairly well. I do have problems some times when picking things up. I loose all strength and it hurts like a %##! I have seen my ortho and she, feels that the surgery has some long term risks. Also, I have had too many surgery's and I'm not ready for it. Did you have surgery right after injury? Or did you wait a while?
  12. ct13

    Scapholunate ligament..

    I ruptured my right one last July casing a jump. I just wrap my wrist with athletic tape and it does fine. Worse, though, I jammed my ankle and have cartilidge damage, so it is giving me a lot of problems. My ortho said that the surgery can leave you with range of motion issues and the recovery is long. I have opted not to do that for now. I have been able to ride without too much pain when taped.
  13. ct13

    Walnut rental this past Monday

    Thanks, guy's, it was a blast riding with you all. It all worked out great, except I can barely walk up and down stairs, or get out of my car. I haven't done that many laps in....ever. Looking for a few more good days this year before hybernation. Chris
  14. ct13

    Moving again - Need reputable shop

    SF is in Crystal Lake, and worth the extra drive. Steve and Tom work with a few local Pro Riders and have a great reputation around here. You won't find better people.
  15. ct13

    Moving again - Need reputable shop

    sfperformance.com They will take care of you!!!