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  1. RFS525

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Certified Welder of 30 years….. and still love what I do.
  2. RFS525

    "08 TE610 Forks

    Here is a link to the thread over at ADVrider about the forks and a letter that is being sent. Please feel free to add on the the thread.
  3. RFS525

    "08 TE610 Forks

    @Coffee...... your not missing anything. I work for a manufacturing company as a welder and I can tell ya first hand what ever we send them, right or wrong, they put it together and ship it. We have had some end users get very mad when thing are missing and when they fail from a missing weld or ???? Sounds like it might be the same all over…. People don’t watch what they are doing and never ask questions about what they are putting together.
  4. RFS525

    "08 TE610 Forks

    Round one I got a call from my dealer today and he wants a email stating how I was lead to believe the bike would have the compression and rebound on the shock and how disappointed I was to find the shock doesn’t have it. Then he is going to send this to Husky USA and they will send it to Italy. More when I know more.
  5. RFS525

    610 Pegs

    Fastways pegs rock. Yes they fit the '08 TE610 $129.00 link
  6. RFS525

    All '08 forks

    Do you have comperssion setting on your forks????? What bike do you have? The TE610 dose not.
  7. RFS525

    "08 TE610 Forks

    What I’m wondering is how many other models have the same shock and could it be a mistake at the mother ship.
  8. RFS525

    "08 TE610 Forks

    mcinfantry thanks for posting your pic of the fork.
  9. RFS525

    "08 TE610 Forks

    I think we have a small problem. The forks on the '08 TE610 have NO compression adjustment …… Take a look at your forks and post here what you find. From the Husky USA site. The rear arm is the same as used on the TE 450/510 models and has a new Sachs shock absorber with compression and rebound adjustment using a redesigned link. At the front is a pair of Marzocchi 45 mm inverted forks with adjustable compression and rebound damping. The Brembo brakes feature a floating 4-caliper 260 mm front disc while rear braking is left to a 220 mm disc.
  10. Got a email from Northern Colorado BMW / Ducati / Husky Motorcycles yesterday. No message just 2 pix. My '08 610 I should have it home by the weekend.
  11. I went to N BMW of Colorado, now also a Husky dealer to have a look. They had all but the 610 on the floor. Nice looking bikes for sure. I took a look at the airbox that you speak of and your right.... WOW that dose not look good. I use Helix Aluminized heat barriers on my 525 gas tank and works very well. here is a link. http://www.jcwhitney.com/autoparts/Product/tf-Browse/s-10101/Pr-p_Product.CATENTRY_ID:2014899/p-2014899/N-111+10113+4294964968/c-10113
  12. Hey gem, The oil cooler works very well. Easy to install with very good support from HT racing. I put it on for the extra 53% oil it would hold and not so much for the cooling. I can now go longer between oil changes (500 miles) than I could before and that is a plus here in Colorado. The ‘07 was the first year that KTM made the RFS street legal 450/525 EXC bikes. My ‘04 EXC came with headlight and taillight stock. Here in Colorado it is very easy to get a “dirt bike” plated. Sign a paper stating the bike is compliant (head & taillight, horn, vin verification and insurance ) and your good to go (no inspection). We can even get 2 smokers plated. Here is a pic of the HT cooler on my 525 It dose not stick out like some think. Good luck with you new bike purchase.
  13. If your going to go with a KTM don’t forget what RFS stands for. I have a ‘04 525EXC that is plated here in Colorado and I did a little DS riding with it a couple of years back. In the dirt the bike is very much at home, but on the street I felt bad for the bike having to keep it at high RPM’s for so long. I put a HT oil cooler on to give it more oil. Stock they hold less than two quarts and I didn’t think that would be enough oil for long DS rides. I now bring my 525 to where I’m going to start riding and have found this works much better that riding from home. The KTM’s have been street legal from ‘07 on. I guess you will need to look at how much street to dirt your going to do. I don’t know much about the husky’s so I can’t tell ya how they would do with this type of riding.
  14. My dealer (N. Colorado BMW....) called me in December and said the 610 should be here mid to late Feb. I still have my 525 for dirt and my GS (for sale when the 610 gets here) for street/dirt rides so I'm not in any big hurry..... but it would be nice to have my 610. The mid Feb tells me I might not see the bike before March. I guess we shall see.