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  1. Shugidugi

    tc 450

    I am also interested in a TC450. The only modern 4st bike I have ridden was my friends 03 yz450f. How do these 2 bikes compare? That bike was fun but the power was way to abrupt for me, even with a FWW. Is the TC smoother than the YZ? I ride mostly MX at Cahuilla Creek and Comp Edge and with the green sticker, I will also ride it in the desert and mountians some too. Thanks for your responses.
  2. Shugidugi

    Anyone heard of a 1981 CR430?

    It's not an 81' but it looks nice. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/mcy/257962674.html
  3. Shugidugi

    87 CR250 vs. newer 250f's

    Thanks again for your replies. I think a 250f might be just what I am looking for. All I need to do now is see if someone will let me do a few laps on thiers.
  4. Shugidugi

    87 CR250 vs. newer 250f's

    Thanks for your replies. twelve02- I live in Chino and the bike is for sale.
  5. Shugidugi

    87 CR250 vs. newer 250f's

    On my 87cr, it just stopped running. I took the pipe off and looked through the exhaust port and there was a chip out of the top edge of the piston. It had a very sharp edge. The motor didnt sieze. I thought about rebuilding the motor and fixing the other small things that need to be replaced but I have had this bike since 96' and I think I am ready for a change. I couldnt find any real specs on my bike as far as hp ratings but someone stated somewhere that my bike had about 35-38hp. Arent todays 250f's similar?
  6. My 87' Cr250 finally bit the dust and I am in search of a new bike. I am wondering how an old 2 stroke compares to the newer 250f's power and handling wise. I am 36, 225lbs and ride some vet tracks here in SoCal and also fart around in the desert while my wife rides her quad. I have read many posts that suggest that I should ride a 450 due to my weight. I have ridden an 03' YZ450 and it tired me out too quickly. I am just curious to hear from those that can compare an older 2 stroke 250 to a newer 250f. I can not afford a new bike so It will have to be a couple years old. I am also not ruling out another 2 stroke. Thanks for your replies.