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  1. Phil_650

    Ccm 604

    Ive recently purchased a ccm 604 and could do with something identifying if anyone nows out about them, on the frame the left hand side above the stand and below the airbox theres a little plastic tank strapped to the frame it seems to have oil of some sort in it and feeds to the side of the carb via 2 hoses only thing that bothers me is that its leaking but havnt any idea what its for any help would be appreciated. Phil.
  2. Phil_650


    Found my prob, removed the head and the exhaust valve seat had came loose and got stuck and chewed away part of the head, also i seem to have a crack in the head right up the lengh of the threads where the plug goes in.
  3. Hi guys does anyone know if theres a jack up kit available for the rear suspension on the xt, i was wanting to raise the ride height a little. Phil.
  4. Phil_650


    Ive also came across while changing the oil filter quite a few metal filings gathered around it if anyone has any suggestions Phil.
  5. Phil_650


    Hi bud yeah the cap on the end of the cam, and i took of the rocker cover off and was checking for any probs and noticed that one of the exhaust valves was up but the other exhaust valve was seated right down so im presumming its stuck? I dont think the bike has alot of compression and aint running so i presume thats my prob Phil.
  6. Phil_650


    Hopefully i seem to have found my prob, someone seems to have stripped the threads in the hole where that thingy bolts on to hold the camshaft in place and the cam is loose grrrr, and to add to the prob it seems i have a stuck exhaust valve Im thinking of just purchasing a used head for it are these interchangble? as in will the head of a newer bike fit my 87 model Phil.
  7. Phil_650

    xt 350 problem

    I have an 87 xt350 and mine was chucking out greyish smoke and flames any suggestions? Phil.
  8. Phil_650

    350-600 or 660

    Yeah im curious as to wether it would work too.
  9. Phil_650


    Hi guys ive stripped the carb down again and set the needles back to where they were originally just to elimanate that from the prob and it hasnt helped everything seems in order, although the bike wont even fire let alone start, and with the plug each time i take it back out its wet, would the plug been wet each time prevent it from firing? Phil.
  10. Phil_650


    Hi bud ive check the screen its pretty clean, drained the carb still wont start though it wont even fire, checked the plug and is getting a good spark. Not sure what else it could be.
  11. Phil_650


    Hi bud yeah mine is an 87 model now im presuming the airscrew im turning is the one which is situated under the carb next to the float bowl just to make sure im at the right bit? Ive checked the boots when i had the carb off and they seem pretty new as if someone has replaced them recently. Il take the float bowl off and check the petcock screen and see how i get on. Phil.
  12. Phil_650


    Following on from my thread where i presumed my xt was running lean now its a non runner , as before it has a full micron exhaust and drilled airbox, the plug indicated it was running lean so i raised the needles by 1 notch and screwed the air screw half a turn in and the bike seemed great more responsive and seemed to pull harder, but today when i was out on it, it started running a bit stuttery on full throttle and started cutting out when the throttle was released, now to start it again i had to pull the choke then it fired then push the choke in it would start then i parked it up for an hour went back to it and it wont start at all ive turned the screw back and tried everything and it just wont go. Im just wondering if anyone has any idea from when the screw is screwed right in tight how many turns back out it should roughly be as i dont no if it has been altered in the past, also does screwing it in make it weaker or richer Regards Phil.
  13. Phil_650


    Ok bud found 1 of the needles presumably the others under the floats Phil.
  14. Phil_650


    Ive located the jets ect and think ive found the airscrew next to the float bowl, im considering drilling these jets out slightly and see how it goes if the worst happens i can replace them, only thing is a 1 millimetre drill bit fits through the jets and my next size up is 1.5 millimetre could this be to big or should it be ok to go half a millimetre larger, plus if drilled would i need to shim the needles or leave them as they are. Regards Phil.
  15. Phil_650


    Hi i pulled of the carb theres just something that concerns me maybe nothing, i undone the throttle cable ect then removed the fuel pipe that was the only pipe i had on there seems to be a place on the rear of the carb between the chambers for a pipe to slide on but there wasnt one on and theres also a point next to where the fuel pipe connects for another pipe to go on but it was missing to, the only pipe ive removed is the fuel pipe this sound right.