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  1. Does anyone know of an online guide for rebuilding a rm 125. The year is 99. I did not take the bike apart but I have figured some of gearing just need to make sure it is right and how to put the shifting stuff into place. Chris
  2. I recently bought some Moose Racing Bar Clamps, but the bolt which goes into the steering doesn't reach all the way with the standard bushings etc... do I need to buy anything else for my clamps, I bought the 7/8" at the very bottom,anodized titanium. And High height if that matters... Chris
  3. thats okay more power more air:D I havent been able to find them anywhere so thats why I ask.
  4. Does anyone know where i can order this/pick up this air filter for a CRF 250r. It's a paper oil free filter would be useful for me. Chris
  5. My bike was apart all winter so the clutch plates might be stuck it still does this when I ride, but not as bad it still catches but not enough to stall it completely. I rode around and it does it I don't want it to do it while im riding just stopping or whatever so yea but works fine to shift up and down gear to gear old happens when I let it idle in a gear with the clutch in. Chris
  6. I will start up my bike let it run for a bit to warm up. I will shut it off check oil level, okay good start it up let it run for a little more then I go and put it in First Gear and it stalls. If I give it gas then put it into first gear it works fine but Im not sure what is wrong, I have my clutch cable as tight as it goes, I also have a problem with pushing it in gear/ Starting someone help, I don't want to ride it till this is fixed might be a major problem. I am going to go and try to go now and see what happens. Chris
  7. With renthal handle bars bent the clamps but not the handel bar. Rest is fine. (Was a weird crash.)
  8. how do i fix this?
  9. I recently finsihed putting my dirtbike completetly back together and I poured gas into the tank and turned the gas on and it went straight through the carb to the lowest drain on the carb whats? I did drain the carb maybe this has something to do with it im not sure. Chris
  10. I need to replace my sprockets, and I don't know how much to torch it the front and back this is all I need if any one can help it's pleased. Chris
  11. you shouldn't have had to pay for this, should be a manufacture defect. Call them, but might be too late now.
  12. yes pictures would be nice!
  13. I don't want to take the top end off, becuase then i would have to buy gaskets and there is a way to get it in i just can't seem to get it right. Chris
  14. I have no idea on how to put my crf 250 r engine back into the frame. I took it out with the top end off and I just got it fixed and now I can't seem to get it into the frame. Help please! Chris