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  1. In the June 2008 issue of mx action on page 144, it says "yamaha does not recommend full synthetic oil. Yamaha suggest a mineral oil in the 20w/50 vicosisty. So what should i be running, the yamaha lube 20w/50 or the full synthetic mobil 1?? Just wondering what all you guys think on here since you all use the full synthetic mobil 1. ~also, do you think yamaha recommends the mineral oil b/c yamahalube doesnt make a full synthetic oil??..just a thought.
  2. just bought an hour meter for my '08 250f ...where do you guys think is the best location to mount this??? and it came with some screws, but i dont really want to screw into anything, would zip-ties work??
  3. i have an 08 yz250f and need a spark arrestor to ride on the trails here in michigan, and fyi, michigan sound level is 94db (not everyone elses 96db) ..i was looking at the pro moto billet end cap, does anyone have any input on whether i should get this one for $125, or really spend the cash with the hole muffler from fmf for around $350ish. Thanks
  4. josh grants g/f....and jeff alessi's g/f
  5. Supercross

    1. USA 2. Australia 3. New Zealand 4. France 5. Italy
  6. Supercross

    martin devalos seams to be making some good progress, he has almost cracked the top 5 in these last two races, and thats with izzi, canard, and stroupe in the mix to!
  7. free shipping!!!
  8. hey, i know this is the wrong place to put this, but many many more people are going to look if i post it here, I have some Applied Racing triple clamps for sale, anodized red, with the yz-short steering stem and bottom bearing, the offset is 25mm (stock) for an '04 yz250f ...i'm asking $235...any bidders??
  9. Did anybody make it down to Log Road today(sat) ...and if so, how was the track??? and can it still hold more water, incase we get somemore over night??
  10. dont waist your money, most of us riders, atleast 75% of us cant even use the extra 1.5 hp that the pipe or header give us....spend the money on suspention instead
  11. I have never had a problem with my Q2 spark arrestor...although, I have the stock header and problems at all!
  12. sx

    ....when the season starts:bonk:
  13. I wouldnt be surprised if we do see EFI in ' the jap. nationals last season all of the factorys had them on their bikes i know...and they still have another season to test them!!! hoping for it!
  14. i have no idea about supercross...but i know he is gonna be at redbud next year!!!
  15. i need to find a "good" dealer then