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  1. hey all i got a 2008 yz450f and the clutch basket is all grooved i have found a 2006 complete clutch on ebay for a decent price i looked in the parts look up and there diffrent part #s.but the 2006 # supercedes to the 2008 #. so my question is will the 2006 basket work on the 08
  2. the jetting on my bike is main 178 other jets 42 72 80 needle clip 4 if that helps riding at sea level 20 degrees
  3. i have a 2006 yz250f thats stock that i use for a practice bike and it rips pulls third in most corners my race bike is a 2007 yz250f with drd pipe boyseen quickshot stage 2 hotcams cp high comp piston 13.5-1 it just bogs coming out of corners have to use 2nd gear in corners that the practice bike pulls third same gearing in each bike the jetting is stock out of the crate on the race bike any help would be apriciated
  4. thanks for your help
  5. took motor apart today found nothing wrong found rock between frame and motor case hoping thats what noise was noise is gone
  6. thanks bike runs great right now so hopefully just need fine tuning only 91 pump gas here run 50/50 mix of 100 and 91
  7. building the motor on my 07 yz250f got a set of stage 2 hot cams and a 13.5/1 comp cp piston and a dr.d pipe got a few questions will everthing just bolt in and work will it run on 100 octane av gas? will it need to be rejetted any proablems ???
  8. ohh sorry my bad i didn;t read to closely i will pull the cover off tommrow and check that thanks
  9. checked it out today took oil filter off no shaving took clutch apart baket nut is tight sounds more like dull thud any suggestions??
  10. so i was riding at my track today doing motos bike sounded fine did 2 motos took a break then did 2 more then took another break when fired bike back up to go do more motos sounded fine but as i started to ride noticed that the motor noises sounded louder makes a whining noise as i ride bike runs fine has no power loss no grinding or anyhting just loud whining as you rev up bike is brand new with maybe 15-20 hours on motor oil and filter changed regualrly any ideas taking it to my mechanic tommorow
  11. go up a tooth on your rear sproket or get a high compresion piston
  12. hi i broke my wrist a while back since then i cant quite turn the trottle far enough with out it hurting i thought i say a company that made throttle that turn less but still rev the bike like a 3/4 turn throttle does anyone know where i can get one?
  13. i got a set of fast ace ac-03 forks for the pit bike i'm building i'm looking for the 2 steering stem nuts the one that holds the bearings in and the one that holds the triple clamps on also need a front brake that bolts on (bought a front brake but bolt holes don't line up) name a price any and all help will be much apreciated
  14. anyone? i got cash/paypal
  15. hi i bought a set of fast ace ac 03 forks for the mini bike i'm building and i need the special nut that holds the bearings in and the nut that holds the triple clamps on does anyone have one or know where i could get/buy them?? email me at sdgracing@yahoo.ca