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  1. I would say the CRF80. It has more power, comes with a clutch, and has a Mono style swinger like 85s, 125s, 250s, etc. While the 110s have the "A" style swing arm.
  2. I've rode both. I've owned a CRF80, and ride KLX110 just about every weekend. They are really good bikes! But if you are wanting a pitbike, get the 110, if you're wanting a bike to go ride out on the track with you get the 80. My $0.02
  3. Alright, I'll give you a call as soon as I get in from school!
  4. Get it! I'm 12, 5'5", and still ride my KX. But I'll be moving up soon, so after about a year he's probably going to want to move up!
  5. After seeing Don Waffle's bike build it encouraged me to build a bike now. lol. But if anyone has any parts they want to sell me let me know. Thanks..Heres what I need, Just let me know! I'm also looking for other things so tell me what you have!!!!!! BBR Super Stock Swingarm BBR SP-5 Forks Stock CRF50 Frame And other stuff, but not sure what! Let me know what you have!
  6. Does anyone know if I can get the 50th Anniversery Yamaha graphics? You know, the yellow graphics. Well maybe nobody makes them!?!?!
  7. Thanks MattV.
  8. Unless someone has something for this motor..... Anyone want a 110cc motor for a great price??? They sell for $300 brand new. This one has about 1 hour on it. Comes with everything. Meaning you get the motor, all the electricals, cdi box, CRF70 carb, and so on. Just shoot me a PM if you want this motor, and I'll get a shipping quote!
  9. Oh, ok. Thanks for the help. But does anyone know where I can find a used on of these at? Thanks TBolt! Hey, TBolt, do you happen to have something that will work?? If so let me know! Thanks
  10. Don't the pitsters have a GPX124 motor in them? If so, do have a used head/cylinder laying around you might want to sell? If not maybe another used top end you could sell me? Let me know. Thanks
  11. Ok guys, my dad and I are going to build up a knock off. We have a 110cc motor lying around so why not? Well anyways, does anyone have or know where I can get a good deal on a big bore kit? I saw them on ebay, well something I'm looking for. Which was a 131cc bore kit. I want something like that, or a new or used cylinder/head from a GPX124. I will also take a High Comp. Pison! I just want something cheap (if you didn't notice) and something that'll give me more power!!! Let me know what you have or where I can get this stuff for a good deal. Also, wouldn't I need to put a new crank in the motor for a 131 or GPX124 top end to go in it? Let me know something! Thanks guys!
  12. I'm just kind of getting into this vintage thing, and was wondering if someone can tell me the names of some of these bikes. Like the 2 stroke Suzukis, and Hondas? Thanks for the help.
  13. Oops I forgot, but Dirt. And something under 1000?
  14. Oops I forgot, but Dirt. And something under 1000?
  15. Does anyone know of a good vintage bike (2 or 4 stroke) that would be easy to restore? I'm thinking about getting a big bike to do this stuff to. But not sure. Thanks for the help, and if you have a vintage bike for sale PM me, and let me know. I will also take a non-running bike. Thanks again guys!