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  1. Arizona

    there is some big loops of single track about 5-7 miles east out of standard wash.
  2. Thanks I looked in to them, but dont speak or read French. But thats what I am looking for and your right expensive, I got that from the site. Thanks Rick
  3. The xr 400 is a good bike would ride it any were. Still have one in garage but ride a 06 exc 450 now. about starting after fall pull in compression release kick through about 10 times then top dead center and two or three kicks and it will fire. top dead center is when kick starter gets firm then left up you will fell two clicks then kick should fire, good luck with new bike and have fun in the dirt. Rick
  4. my mistake its a 03, I do like the look better then my 06.
  5. Is that a new style clarke mine dose not have kick start mold, its under tank not cut in like yours. Are they still 3.2 or more, nice looking tank. Rick
  6. I would like to find gas tanks and fairing. I will make back tanks, and most of the other parts, brackets. I am a welder fabricator by trade, but do not work in fiberglass or plastic. I am on a budget and I know there is companies out there that make or sell parts, like rally management services, rally pan am, witch are probably grate people, I will take there three day rally course when it becomes time. First I need to build a bike any leads would be much appreciated thanks Rick
  7. sure i will ride with you, I live on so. end of town been here for three years. I know riding around havasu pretty good in desert north south dont mater, spent lots of time out there fun times. pm me if you want to ride. Rick Peterson
  8. I run 739 desert at the conpound is differnt then just 739s its longer lasting. It works for me I am about 450 miles on this last set with hardly any wear, MS turned me on to them a few years back. rick 06 450 exc 06 adv 950
  9. thanks great site, flying to hoston turkey day to pick my 06 950 adv and ride it home to lake Havasu. thanks Rick
  10. Thanks I will look at those an see whats there. Rick
  11. I would like to find 04 -06 used or back stocked oragne,west coast prefferd but price is right shipping would be fine. Any ideas THANKS Rick 06 ktm exc 450
  12. pm me if im in town I will take you out for a ride Rick
  13. Endurocross

    found the two tickets I needed thanks Rick
  14. Endurocross

    I wood take two off your hands, let me know soon becuse i got a call in to a contact at maxxis for two more pm me thanks Rick
  15. sounds good looking forword to a ride with some one, talk to you later. Rick