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  1. Hi all, I have a KLX110 & have done all the free mods (removed choke, rejetted, airbox mods & drilled out stock exhaust header to 5/8) and it ran fine. I recently fitted a 26mm carb off a friend who has a 143 kit & is upgrading to a 28mm carb. He put in a smaller main jet for me that he said was on his bike before he put his 143 kit on. I also bought a Kamikaze pod-type filter for the new carb. The bike idles ok & can be revved on the stand with no bogging. Upon riding it is much stronger through the gears but when closing the throttle & reopening it on corners it dies! I'm no good with jetting but my mate says to try a smaller pilot jet, I am also wondering if the 5/8 header may be contributing to the bog?? Any input/recommendations would be welcome. EauMan
  2. eauman

    KLX110 Service Manual

    Anyone got a copy of this in pdf format? TIA EauMan
  3. eauman

    ultimate klx 110 under $50 mod

    I eventually got round to starting the mods. First I took the rubber snorkel out, I didn't notice much difference but it introduced a slight bog of the bottom end. Next I bought a 85 jet from my Kawasaki dealer (giving him the part numbers I found on TT) & then took off the choke then went to fit the 85 main jet. Guess what the dorks had given me the wrong jet !! So I put it all back together & tried it out & found that taking the choke off & using the stock jetting had got rid of the bog & it seemed slightly stronger through the gears too. Next I'm going to cut out the top of the airbox & drill the exahust to 5/8 & get the 85 main jet as I guess I'll definately need it once I do the airbox & pipe. Thanks for all the posts. EauMan
  4. eauman

    ultimate klx 110 under $50 mod

    Thanks for the detailed description, I also found a few pictures here too: http://wowwhata.tripod.com/airbox/airbox.htm EauMan
  5. eauman

    ultimate klx 110 under $50 mod

    I'm new to the KLX having just acquired a 2000 model however I don't understand what is done to the airbox, does anyone have a link to some images showing what needs to be done? TIA EauMan
  6. eauman

    525EXC bogs/dies off Idle?

    Chas_M - Thanks for clearing up the 'tick-over' confusion ! I got the bike last Saturday, rode the organised trail Sunday & the dealer I got it from now has it back (Tuesday) as they agreed to take it back to give it a road registration certificate, replace the front rim which had a flat spot & check the valve clearances. I have mentioned the bogging so will see what they have to say. I'm not sure how long it has sat but it could be a possibility I guess! Thanks for your help I will keep you posted. EauMan
  7. As a new KTM owner I took my new (to me 12 hrs previous use!) 2003 525EXC out for the first time yesterday on a organised trail & at first it just kept bogging / cutting out when I cracked open the throttle. I got it back to the pits (half dead as I had to repeatedly kick it over as the battery died too) & turned the tick over up & tried to ride with a smoother throttle hand & avoided cracking it open & all went great for the rest of the day & the battery recharged to boot! The bike was confidence inspiring compared to my previous DRZ400, getting through the snotty slippery hill climbs which were littered with other riders without any trouble at all!! Anyway I just wanted to ask those in the know if this bogging off idle is this the norm on the 525EXC, as even at the end of the day if I cracked the throttle right open when it was ticking over it would bog?? Thanks EauMan