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  1. Skidder

    Just wanted all to know! U.S.A.F.

    Zig nope I only have 10 to go so she'll be watching me when she does her 20. Thanks all.
  2. Even though I sold my Z I will be on here from time to time to check in with you all and that my daughter has enlisted in the United States Air Force and could you all wish her well. I am so proud of her. Thanks I will show you all pics when she graduates boot camp.
  3. Skidder

    Will It Hurt My Bike????

    Tape the hole back up until your ready to jet.
  4. Skidder

    Selling options

    KiowaKid, I thank thee then. You will like them. They saved my rads once. But that once, saved me from buying a new rad. Wiped out the gas tank shroud but not the rad. or the rad. guard. Thanks again there on there way to you as we speak.
  5. Skidder

    Selling options

    As a few here know I sold my 2004 Z because of back issues. I tried to sell it for $3800 loaded with a bunch of mods but had no takers. So I sold it for $3200 and took all the mods off and put them all on Ebay for 99 cents each. Well I ended up getting over $850 for the parts. That's $250 more than I wanted for the bike. Ebay worked for me.
  6. Skidder

    Me a dumb azz!

    The other day a friend and I were riding some trails. So we stop for a break and for some reason I reach over and press the horn button on my bike and nothing happens. Well I get home and rip it apart and find nothing. Drive to the auto parts store and purchase a new one,bring it hope,hook it up and still nothing. Then I look over and notice a horn button under the button I'm pushing (blinker cancel button) yeah the one with the horn on it. I've owned the bike for three years now. So that's why I'm a dumb azz!!
  7. Skidder

    Where to get super light wrenches?

    Just Google thin wrench and theres a ton of places to purchase.
  8. Skidder

    Who here is still on their stock battery?

    04 still original but it stays on the Battery Tender 100% of the time and also take it out in the winter and put it in the cellar.
  9. Skidder

    Installed new graphics

    Finally installed my new graphics from XGXracing. Holes didn't line up great and I'm not sure if I want to put the tank graphics on yet. There probably gonna peel eventually but hell it's just a dirt bike.
  10. Skidder

    Looks to be FCR on eBay - anyone interested?

    2003 klx I think it said
  11. Skidder

    Steady as she goes; almost done!

    Can't believe you only have that much into it. Thats a cheap price to pay for all the fun to come. Good job.
  12. Skidder

    Steady as she goes; almost done!

    Your ride looks fantastic!! How much $$ do you have invested in it so far if I may ask?
  13. Skidder

    Tires and tire size - a few questions

    I run a 130 Dunlop 606 on the back. It's about 3/4" to 1" wider than the 120. Get about 2500 to 3000 on the back one with average on off road riding. To tell the truth I don't notice a difference between them and all street tires just watch wet braking.
  14. Skidder

    Repaint a stock S header?

    I got me a stainless E model header from White Brothers and put an end to it.
  15. Skidder

    Just a reminder.

    I'm not sure what it was but the nurse said it was a spider. I just wanted to let everyone know to be careful with your stuff so it doesn't happen to you. Not a brownie cause we don't have them in New England as far as I know.