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  1. Now, all we need is to get the site owners to get in on this. I have the original FAQ post as a text file on my hard drive so when the time comes, I'd be more than happy to hand that off for someone else to maintain.
  2. I never did understand why this forum never had its own dedicated Moderator. The KX450s have taken off like a rocket since their initial release and there are definitely plenty of threads that could us some... umm.... moding!
  3. Yes, someone needs to take the reigns. I'm unable to update the FAQ anymore: 1) I don't have an option to edit the original thread 2) I have little time to ride anymore and much less time to keep the FAQ updated.
  4. I second that
  5. I agree. My '06 has awesome brakes. Very easy to lock up the front down here in the soft FL sand and dirt. 1 finger is way more than enough most of the time.
  6. Looks like the AM hours should be nice and clear. See ya bright and early!
  7. Yeah, seals gone bad could definitely cause the symptoms too. Good tip!
  8. Your description definitely sounds like air in the lines OR in the caliper. Does the spongeyness go away immediately after a bleed and then come back after the fluid gets heated up?
  9. It wasn't very much of a track anyways. Very very tiny.
  10. Yes, they should be. The Gold Cup round doesn't happen till the 29th & 30th.
  11. Dang, that's a completely different layout. Looks pretty interesting. Did they get rid of that stupid little high peaked hill directly underneath a tree way in the back? The one with steap down hill with a right hander at the bottom?
  12. Yeah, they have a website but its not updated at all and doesn't have a whole lot of info anyway. I was never able to see the pics. The video looks a little old so I'm assuming its not the new layout.
  13. Damn! Sounds sweet. Won't be making it this weekend but probably the next.
  14. Nope, wish I could join you but my "weekly grind" won't allow it.
  15. That's cool. That place will definitely give you a good work out!! You up for trying out the new SunShine layout soon? Oh, got my fender and Wiseco piston kit order from btosports.com. I'm hoping they will be here this week. Not sure if I'll do the piston right away but need to soon since the 06's had the dread wrist pin snapping issue. You ever done a top end on these 4 strokes yet? Ride safe! Later...