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  1. anything but motor mods. I dont need any of those. anything from air shourds, handle bars, bling parts,etc
  2. ya I kinda figured with small mods he will destroy me. but owell atleast I can say I payed for my whole bike and alll the parts that are on it. He just gets crap handed to him.
  3. that is surprising. I never thought I would be able to keep up led alone win the race. Now I don't have to lisen to him
  4. Suzuki

    you mit not have to run 97 but higher grade than mid grade
  5. Suzuki

    yes you can do it. The basket mod only raises the comp to 12 to 1 if i'm not mistaken. but you would probly have to run super gas 97
  6. Suzuki

    get a 13 tooth front sproket best mod I ever did
  7. yes it is bone stock off the floor no mods at all. I am just hoping that he does not kill me. Cause he loves to run his mouth. sometimes I just want to
  8. my one friend just got a wr450 My z has a full alba pipe jetted 13 tooth sproket and K&n air filter. how bad will he kill me in a short drag