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  1. What ever happened to McCaullahs indoor, are they still there?
  2. Here is a picture .....
  3. Thank You, we made a Genessee county police report with the Sheriff.
  4. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it, anything helps. I think we have rode with you guys at baja and Sandbox maybe..
  5. Here is the VIN is you come accross the bike. VIN 9C2KE01004R008216 Thank You
  6. Yes, that is the one. It was only there for one week. I will put the vin on here.
  7. Please be on the look out for a 2004 CRF 150F. It was stolen Sunday night from a house on M15 in Goodrich. If you live in oakland or Genessee Counties you might see it. It was for sale locked up to a trailer with a cable and they cut the lock. It was my wifes bike. Please PM me or let me know if you see it or know of it. Thank You
  8. If you cant be helpful and supportive and positive about the track keep driving far and watching TV to get your fill of Supercross instead of lending a helping hand.
  9. I just changed mine tonight 06 yz250f. I put in 1.48 qts as stated in the manual. I can only read the window if I tip the bike way to the right. Do I have too much oil in it? Will it hurt anything? Please let me know?
  10. Thank you, yes it was dark out, thats why I noticed it. It is also 30 deg here, I did not run it long, because it is cold.
  11. Thank You very much. Is this going to happen every time? or just beacuse it is new?
  12. Please help, my header pipe glowed red hot when I fired the bike up for a couple of minutes, when I got it home, brand new. Is this normal when new?