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  1. I am just now paying someone to replace my exhaust valve and rings because I didn't check them for almost two years. I saw a while back a tread or link spelling out how to adjust valves, I searched but can't find what I know I saw. I will be doing it next time. How often should this be done?
  2. I was able to bend it back thankfully, but I have given up and took it to a guy who does alot work on the 150f with engines only kits. I hope it doesn't take to long or too much money.
  3. I had called Frank at E.O. and he wasn't too sure. That was about a year ago. I finally found where the numbers are printed on the main jet and it says 260. It is actually running worse now and to make matters worse I thought the ring had not seated all the way so I tightened it so much that I bent the flang that pulls the muffler in tight. The plug is looking white. I hope this will finally do it. It's perfect riding weather now and can't bear to put it in the shop.
  4. Does anyone know the main jet size the minuki 26mm carb comes with when you buy the 225 kit from engines only? This is kind of a continuation of my problem from another thread. When I was having thoes problems I paid someone to take a look at it and he jetted in down one size. Now that I found my air leak at my header gasket, it's still running bad. It's poping and backfireing again. I think it is too lean now. I'm running it to check the plug. I want to reget it to the stock size again, but I'm not sure what size I need.
  5. Thanks for the help, you guys are the best. I bought the part and installed it, but haven't fired it up yet. Will a small leak really cause bogging and backfireing?
  6. I found an air leak where the muffler mounts to the engine. I did a quick fix so I could ride, but after an hour it started again. Is there a gasket or some type of crimp ring that is susposed to be used between the muffler and the engine?
  7. what is it susposed to look like if it's good. I thought tan meant good, white meant lean and black was rich. I'm having the same issue.
  8. I don't think this is my problem because there should be very little if any compression under the valve cover. I think it is electrical now because it acts up intermitenly. Hopefully I can find a friend with an 06 to do swaps with the cdi and the coil, before I go for the stater. I have the reger 80 kit on the front and has anyone had problems with the depth of the steering stop pushes the cdi farther away from it stock position causing the wires to be tight and cause a bad connection? I'm in the process of checking and cleaning every electrical connection.
  9. I have a 06 150 and it has been running ruff, sputtering and loosing power. I found what appears to be a very small whole in the gasket between the valve cover and the cyclender body. It's not like you can see through it, it's just some black suit appears to be comming out and you can see a wind pattern blowing out. I would guess this is why it's been running bad? I want to replace the gasket myself and wondered if anyone knew the tourpue specs for the valve cover. Thanks for any help!
  10. A lot of us who have Engines Only kits have the Mikuni Carb on there bike, including me. Thanks for finding this!!
  11. you would be amazed at how much more oil comes out when you pump the forks at least a couple of times.
  12. Even on the web sit xr100.com say the 28mm is the recomended carb. Order it from them, you'll get the cable you need and the adaptor to make it fit to the bbk that you have.
  13. No. They have a bigger one the will fit but it is for the 250 big bore kit. You want the next size down. They make a 32mm that will fit, but you want the 28mm.
  14. It's all case by case. In your case bigger is better. bigger is not always better, it about matching size for size.
  15. The mikuni carbs slow jet is something like 215, size is about the same, but the numbers mikuni uses are way different.