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  1. tuck9mm

    Sell me your DR650 seat

    I got one. Just sent you a message.
  2. tuck9mm

    DR650 License Plate Relocation

    I agree that the stock contraption looks kind of goofy. I just bent a piece of 1/8-thk stainless sheet and drilled holes to mount under the threaded holes in the frame. Added cheap lights from AutoZone and soldered to the existing wires. Works great.
  3. tuck9mm

    Tire choices what do you all recommend?

    I got Pirelli Scorpion S/Ts on front and rear, and like them a lot. Definitely more "streetable". My excursions into dirt are relatively few, but I hit a patch of sand in a left turn last week, and although the back tire slid some, it did a real good job of hanging in there.
  4. tuck9mm

    Trouble with the new DR650s??

    2006 DR650SE, 4600 miles (with new tires already). Last week, mine has started making a little more noise and more noticeable vibration. I don't find any loose nuts or bolts, but will go back and look again. Wondering if it could need a valve adjustment.
  5. tuck9mm

    DR 650 seat

    Rolo, you may want to rethink that... if you're anywhere in Arizona other than Flagstaff maybe. If you can always park in the shade, it'll be OK, but the gel in that seat isn't conductive very much at all. Bottom line: if you let it sit in the sun, it will fry your rear end for many miles. I mean for 45 minutes before it lets up. You can't even sit on it. It gets so hot, you won't even care who sees you riding down the highway with your arse in the air.
  6. tuck9mm

    Off-idle bog theory

    Now that's the best advice I've gotten in a long time, Artguy. I guess everyone else just assumes that is a given thing to do. I had not oiled the filter, but I went a got a K&N recharge kit and sprayed the oil on there yesterday. I rode a bit this morning and do not have a rich condition, but I am also not bogging off idle anymore. I'm using the DJ160 main, and the needle is in the 4.5 position. The pilot screw is at 0.5 turn. Looks like optimum for me here at sea level. I'm going to take a good long ride this afternoon to enjoy it. Weather is fine today.
  7. tuck9mm

    Off-idle bog theory

    I think the key element is that you are still using your stock air filter. After installing the DJ kit, my bike ran like a champ through the whole RPM range and never thought about bogging off idle...... that is, until I installed the K&N air filter. Now I'm one of the Soggy Bottom Boys too. Someday when I can stomach throwing $70 in the trash, I'm going to toss out the K&N and put the stock air filter back in. A new pilot jet may be the deal, but I'm through throwing good money after bad.
  8. tuck9mm

    Bike stand

    I got a GoodYear hydraulic motorcycle jack from Sam's Club for about $60. Been using it for a year now, and it stills works great.
  9. tuck9mm

    Neddle Jet washer?

    I tried it both ways (didn't drill it at first, then did drill it after a few months) and couldn't tell any difference with mine.
  10. tuck9mm

    Bloody Woman!

    I was speaking of the plug in the inspection hole.... where you look through to see the TDC line... or does your model not have that? And if I don't get my stripped cover plug out, I'll be joining you and others by indexing the engine via turning the rear wheel. BTW, is it still running OK?
  11. tuck9mm

    Bloody Woman!

    Why are you indexing the crank by turning the wheel? Did you strip out the cover plug just like I did last week? One of the spark plug holes? Are both plugs stuck???
  12. tuck9mm

    Valve Adjustment.... not today

    While I had the tank off (screwing around with the carb settings for the 7th or 8th time), I figured I'd check the valve clearance. How'd this plug get siezed like that?! Hate it when stupid stuff like that happens.
  13. tuck9mm

    Dynojet Needle on DR650

    I'm about to pull my hair out now. I went back into the carb, moved the e-clip back up to the 4th notch and put the washer between the clip and the slide. So here it is at 4-1/2. Also took out the 155 main jet and put in the 160. Took the good advice and checked the float height too: it was right on 14mm, but I tweaked it up to 15mm for good measure. Result --- same problem. I am having to do exactly what you did, and put the pilot screw at about 3/4 turn and increase the idle speed... or else it goes dead when I try to pull away from a stop. Just doesn't make much sense, because I was of the understanding that you are supposed to set the pilot screw where it gives the highest idle speed, and then back off the idle setting to correct the RPMs. I'm doing it backwards -- but that's the only way it seems to work. By the way, I think the mixture was better at highway speed with the main needle in the 5th notch.
  14. tuck9mm

    baby, it's cold outside (In Chicago).

    Yeah, I'm lookin' for a job someplace else.... too many damn yankees have immigrated here and are ruining it. The most frightening thing I ever see when I'm on my DR is a Cadillac with New York plates driven by a geriatric who can barely see over the steering wheel. There's one every quarter mile!
  15. tuck9mm

    Dynojet Needle on DR650

    I have already tried the 160 main jet with the needle on the 4th notch... it was still too lean. I think the mixture is perfect now with the 155 main and the needle clip in the 5th notch. Bumping up the idle is a good recommendation, and I'll do it as soon as it warms up enough to ride again. I just wish this thing had a tach on it so I wouldn't have to buy or borrow one.