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  1. VFR000M

    IMS GPS Mount on WR450 (for Garmin)

    +1 you might consider a Ram mount...that looks flimsy:thumbsup:
  2. VFR000M

    Street Legal Front Brake?

    Alright, so I have a street legal 2006 which I've brought into my state. The issue is that the Street Legal kit which is on this bike does not have a front brake switch which activiates the brake light??? This a requirement to pass inspection! I am assuming they make this part somewhere? Does anyone know where and what the part number might be? Thanks for the help!
  3. VFR000M

    Acerbis Tank Help!

    \ Thanks everyone for your responses. I bought this from the local dealer...I think they ordered directly from ACERBIS.
  4. VFR000M

    Acerbis Tank Help!

    Yes, I know that's not the petcock...the petcock screw directly into the plastic tank...I want to seal them (better than the metal to plastic), but don't know what to use? Secondly, the gas cap is vented, the 2 holes on the bottom go through to the top where I would put a hose. The metal piece I show in the picture above, the instructions tell me to drill a hole in the tank and install it????? Doesn't seem right. Nor do I understand why the tank needs to be vented at any place other than the gas cap? Weird?! Thanks for the reply, hopefully I can get this sorted out.
  5. VFR000M

    Am I asking too much for this bike?

    Just my 2 cents...but it seems a little high. Try Craigslist...IT's FREE. Keep in mind that if you eBay, you're going to be charged around $100 if the bike sales. So immediatly, take that off the price of the bike. List the bike for $2200....your goal here is to stir interest...you don't have to negociate if you don't want to. Tell them you're firm on the price and see what they would buy it for....at least you'll get a call and see what people are offering?! Good luck.
  6. VFR000M

    Acerbis Tank Help!

    Alright, here are the instructions....they suck. http://the-sanders.com/images/Humor/Acerbis.jpg My question is the top right diagram I do not understand??? It goes along with the instruction, "Drill an 8mm hole in teh ACERBIS fuel tank and insert the fuel vent...." ???? Isn't the fuel tank already vented from the gas cap? See pics of the gas cap and the additional fuel vent they want me to drill into the tank? Secondly, they want me to screw the petcock directly into the plastic tank? What I can do to better ensure that the screw seals to the plastics without creating a possible leak?
  7. VFR000M

    Acerbis 3.3 Tank?

    2006 YZ 450F Radiator Shrouds have the following part numbers: 5XC-21730-90-00 (SIDE COVER ASSY 3 UR FOR DPBSE) 5XC-21730-D0-00 (SIDE COVER ASSY 3 UR FOR LRYS1) 2006 WR 450F Radiator Shrouds have the following part number: 5TA-21730-00-00 (SIDE COVER ASSY 3) They don't seem to look quite the same, the holes may line up, but the angle of the screws looks different? Anyone successfully done this? I think I'm going to just order the tank and try it, however, I hate to pay shipping twice?!
  8. VFR000M

    Acerbis 3.3 Tank?

    I was considering getting a Acerbis 3.3 tank for my 2006 WR450....I was told that I need to get the YZ shrouds, that the WR shrouds will not work. Is this true? Anyone with this tank? Should I go Clarke or IMS?
  9. VFR000M

    Please explain Super Motard-

    Probably hard to explain if you've never dragged a knee through the corner. I think the Motard racing is pretty cool. Street racing with jumps. But here in NC, they don't have any tracks for this.
  10. VFR000M

    Enduro bags

    Looking for people with Enduro bags for the WR450. What's your experience with Dirt Bags, Wolfman, etc.... Any suggestions for luggage (i.e. basic day long riding gear?) Any suggestions or help is appreicated!
  11. VFR000M

    Why is my 05 not selling?????

    Still early in the season...+ you are in Cali...people out there do not like bikes unless they are plated. Also, put the blue tank on and try to sell the aftermarket tank seperate....you're more likely to get your money worth that way.
  12. VFR000M

    pro moto silent insert

    Depending on the jetting, you could leave the insert or remove it all together. It just depends having the right amount of back pressure in ratio to the fuel and air.
  13. VFR000M

    Putting together a WR450 06 need advice

    I love these headlights from Acerbis.
  14. Alright, I'm picking up a WR450F this weekend...what is the distance I can expect out of the stock tank? Any preferences on aftermarket tanks? IMS? Clarke? Acrebis? What distance can I expect out of the aftermarket tanks? There is such variety (i.e. 2.8, 3.1, 3.3, 6.6)????
  15. VFR000M

    Beware of scams !!

    Just got an email from the same guy....THANKS to whomever started this thread. We really need to make a sticky out of these scammers somewhere.