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  1. I have an 06 crf 250 and have went through 1 intake valve and no adjustments on the others sence new.
  2. Thanks. I was thinking of black rims with an all black seat cover.
  3. He does all kinds of work. Just give him a call
  4. I would give this guy a call He does awesome work.
  5. Does anyone know it or know where I can find it?
  6. I would get the bridgestone 403/404 set up. They work great in all conditions and last better than the dunlop 756's i used to run. Also I would go with the 100/90/19 in the rear.
  7. I would go with the hammerhead.
  8. I like to soak my chain in this then blow it out with compressed air, wash it, blow with air again, install on the bike, wd-40 and then spray with chain lube.
  9. I have 5 No toil filters that i just throw in the washing machine. I let them air dry if I am not in a hurry but if I am I throw them in the dryer on very low heat for 5-10 mins. I have a oil bucket with lid that I keep my no toil oil in. I oil the filters in there and put them in plastic bags until needed. Also I usually keep the bags open for a day to let the alcohol evaporate out of the filter and have 10 different plastic bags. 5 for the clean oiled filters and 5 for the dirty.
  10. Thanks guys I appreciate it.
  11. What kind of bike do you have? I got offered an awesome sponsorship with them and dont want to accept if the product is no good.
  12. I have heard the same thing but was hoping someone could get some facts for me.
  13. Anyone else???
  14. Anyone ever use them? What do you think? How do they compare to other oils?
  15. Sandhill is OK in the winter time when its wet but other than that it is usually dust and hardpack.