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  1. Leave the engine alone and live with what you have. As others have mentioned, reliability is paramount in Africa.
  2. I have that stand for both my DRZ and Raptor. Works great.
  3. I'm thinking about the white one as well.
  4. I love my DRZ but every time I go to my local KTM dealer and look at the super light two strokes, I have to go home and take a cold shower.
  5. I despise thieves. Scum of the earth.
  6. Loved that one too. But the sound of that 5 liter V-10 at 8250 rpm...
  7. Amen brother. Better you than me. E36 M3 best M-car ever. My last one was an E-60 M5.
  8. Selfridge ANGB has KC-135s, which is the little brother to the KC-10 that I fly. We do work with the A-10s on that base from time to time so that is probably when you saw us there. The KC-10s are based in NJ and CA.
  9. I'm going to respectfully disagree with the moderator on this one. As long as there are parts and money outstanding, this situation is very much current. To not complete work in a timely fashion that was paid for and not return parts that was sent in for repair or modifications is the same as stealing in my opinion.
  10. Lol. I don't mean to brag but I can fit five of those in my cargo bay.
  11. Great video and pics Decil.
  12. Why not weld a new sprocket to the shaft as a temporary fix? The shaft is beyond repair anyway. Weld a brand new sprocket on and ride it until sprocket is worn out. Save money during that time and then do a rebuild with new shaft.
  13. How about the oil the dealer put in the bike at delivery? That will be just fine for a low performance thumper. No need to get fancy.