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  1. ZebraStripe

    Thinking about buying this bike

    I saw that ad and noticed he listed it as having an FMF 4.1 exhaust but the pics show a stock system. Also, you might ask him how many hours are on it.
  2. ZebraStripe

    opinion on the 09 please

    I think you are underestimating the prices a bit, or at least I hope you are... Otherwise, I'll stick with CRFs as an '06 CRF450 sells for at least $3000 around here. Actually, I got $3000 for my '05 CRF450 last fall so $2000 for an '06 KX450F seems awfully low. $2000 will only buy a nice '02 CRF450 on the Honda side of things.
  3. ZebraStripe

    oooohhhh Snap!!!! broke that bolt

    If you can get the bolt freed up a little using some pentrating oil, you may be able to cut a slot in the head with a Dremel cutoff wheel and simply unscrew it. Also, a little heat with a heat gun or carefully placed propane torch works wonders to free a stuck bolt. If it were me and I had the proper clearance around the bolt, I would cut a slot in the head, apply some heat and try to unscrew it.
  4. ZebraStripe

    thinkin about buyin a 09 crf450.. a few questions...

    Sounds like you are very selective with your reading. I guess you missed posts like the one asking specifically how the '09s are holding up and it has received nothing but positive responses and no problems reported. I guess you also missed the post asking how the '09 owners (not bench racers) felt about thier bike and it was all positive. I guess all the guys with problems were away from their computers that day... LOL. Apparently, there are lots of guys riding their '09s without any problems. BTW, suspension setup, bar preferences, etc. don't count as 'problems'. If you read back far enough you would see pleny of 'problem' posts on your beloved '07 also. I am certainly not implying the '09 is a completely trouble free bike for everyone that buys it, just like every other bike that has ever been released. Motocross geared motorcycles are far too complicated of machines and are used in too wide a variety of ways for any bike to be completely trouble free for all buyers. You are failing to realize that out of perhaps 100 positive posts, there may be 1 or 2 problem posts, but those are the ones that get the most attention and you are extrapolating those posts to include all the bikes sold. The reality is guys with problems will naturally be more vocal, while the happy buyers typicaly only speak up about how pleased they are when asked directly. Sorry for the rant, but I am getting tired of reading posts by the 'haters' that do not even own the bike or have done only biased 'research' and seem to have nothing better to do than to spread their hate and misinformation to as many people as possible...
  5. ZebraStripe

    2010 Crf450r

    The hydro clutch could be in the works but I doubt it, as Honda has shown no interest in them on the factory bikes and their cable system has always worked well. Don't hold your breath for e-start though. I suppose a new 450X is likely in the works and it will have e-start so the feature could technically be added to the R. However, they could have done that back in '05 when the X launched yet chose not too and I don't see that changing for the new generation. Honda simply worked too hard to get the EFI to work great w/o a battery and to get the bike's weight down. Adding more weight back in the form of a starter, battery, switch, etc. is counterproductive. My thoughts are that if it was coming it would have appeared for the '09 redesign.
  6. ZebraStripe

    Boniface Rides an 08 over an 09

    If anyone bothered to read the interview they would see he chose to ride the '08 over the '09 simply because he was currently more comfortable on the '08. What that really means is did not have enough time on the '09 to get it set up perfectly and so he went with the safe choice. Reading more and more of the posts like this I am seeing a trend; the guys claiming to issues with the new bike have just not put enough time on it and are obviously very 'in tune' with how the old bike works for them. I guess that is the upside of riding a bike that essentially has a 4 model year old chassis and 7 model year old engine design. With that in mind, I think as great as the new bike is, it will get even better as all the tuners and riders get more familiar with it.
  7. ZebraStripe

    NEWS ALERT: Honda Pulling Out of MX Racing

    Yes, I have ridden and owned the LTZ and 400EX, as well as the YFZ450, TRX450, Raptor, Banshee and TRX250R. I would not go so far as to say the LTZ 'killed the EX in every way', nor would I consider the LTZ 'race ready' with things like non adjustable front shocks (preload does not count...), e-start only and reverse, at least not any more so than the 400EX. It did have racy bodywork thoough and I do agree it was a good all around performer and is very popular for all around use. I actually prefer the 400 to the LTZ and found the LTZ to be far too narrow, and tippy for track use. Compared to the featherweight 450's, especially the YFZ, it feels like a boat anchor in stock form. Of course, that is just my opinion. My point was Honda already laid the groundwork as there was even more hype for the launch of the 400EX and guys were still racing modified TRX250Rs and 400EXs long before the LTZ came on the scene, so I don't consider Suzuki to have revitalized the quad racing scene. Just as in the 80's with the TRX250R and LT250R, Suzuki has always played catch up to Honda and been in Honda's shadow. Now, to get this hijacked train back on topic, the bottom line is that even if Honda ends factory backed racing efforts, individual racers and companies will still continue to support and compete with Honda machinery.
  8. ZebraStripe

    09 450? is it worth buying

    A little bit of an overstatement? All of them, let alone many of them are NOT blowing up. Sure, some have reported problems but that is the same for every model year if you search. I think some things are blown out of proportion on the '09 simply because it is under such a microscope since it has attracted so much attention. In fact, many are posting the opposite about the '09 and have little to no problems so I would not let that sway you. If you have that many upgrades you would have to buy for the '09, then maybe sticking with the '07 might be better. A stock '09 pretty much does everything better than a stock '07 but that does not mean a modified '07 may not work better for you than a stock '09. FWIW, I am working on a full writeup on the '09 with an in depth comparsion to the '05-'08 and it should be posted soon.
  9. ZebraStripe

    NEWS ALERT: Honda Pulling Out of MX Racing

    Are you suggesting that the LT-Z400 got quad racing going again? I would counter that Honda put life back into the sport quad scene they released the 400EX back in '99. That was considered the start of the resurgence of sport quads and then was followed by Yamaha releasing the Raptor 660 in 2001. Suzuki was playing catch up when they finally released a sport quad of their own in 2003 and I am surprised they are getting credit for getting the scene going again. Whatever they did was extremely short lived, as in 2004 Honda and Yamaha dropped a bomb on Suzuki in the form of the YFZ450 and TRX450R. Also, from what I recall, the original TRX250R was still being raced all along due to all the aftermarket support and remained popular even when the 450s came on the scene. I just can understand where Suzuki played much of a role in any of this. Now, what does all of that have to do with Honda's consideration of pulling out of factory sponsored MX and/or SX racing? Simple; aftermarket support is where the future will be. Even now, the aftermarket companies are what the average consumer relates too anyway. When was the last time any of us walked into the local Honda dealer and picked up an HRC works part for their own CRF? I am going to vote never, because you can't buy those parts. However, if one wanted to build a replica of most satellite team bikes it could be reasonably accomplished since the parts can actually be purchased by members of the public. Maybe all this time Honda should have been actually selling the HRC stuff over the counter as it would have been a revenue stream to offset the R&D and sponsorship costs. Unfortunately, like others have stated, an MX or SX championship does not directly translate into showroom sales, simply because the average consumer is smart enough to realize the bike being ridden by the teams members is not the same one they can buy and the paid factory rider could likely win on any properly set up bike. Honda has not even won any recent championships and has not been on top since RC left, but they continue to sell more 250Fs and 450Fs than Yamaha, Suzuki or Kawasaki. As for R&D, that will be no problem as Honda has plenty of test facilities and riders to accomplish that. Realistically, the settings and configurations the factory team uses and comes up with is normaly of very little benefit to the average buyer/rider where the real sales volume lies. Believe it or not, the casual riders are what drive the bike sales numbers, at least historically. I personally hope they continue with their racing efforts.
  10. ZebraStripe

    cr500af "satans supermoto"

    "everything is powdercoated. if its black it was powdered."
  11. ZebraStripe

    05 motor in a 08 frame

    Also, the carb will be slightly closer to the airboot because the motor was rotated forward 5mm from '06+ so the '05 will sit up a little higher. According to the tech info at the time, this was accomplished by recasting the cases. Might require '05 head stays also.
  12. ZebraStripe

    Water in the spark plug hole?

    Was the valve cover still on? If so, and if the plug was insalled correctly then the water cannot get into the cylinder. There is a drain hole in the right side of the head so the water has somewhere do go. I imagine your 'missing' water is on the floor by now.
  13. ZebraStripe

    I cant get this damn screw/bolt out of my fork...

    Looks like you got it while I was typing this: Do you mean a 3/8" drive? A 13/16" socket with a 3/4" drive (12/16" is another way to put it) would have basically the same size hole on each end... Maybe you typed it right, but that is a very small 3/4" drive socket... Anyway, the wrench I use on that bolt is a 1/2" drive with a 19mm or 21mm socket (I am thinking 21mm but it is late and fuzzy right now). If you are using a 3/4" drive socket, that could be doing more harm than good as that socket will the longer than a 1/2" drive socket and your loostening force will not be applied as evenly to the bolt head, increasing the chance of it slipping off which is what looks like happened already. I would recommend a 1/2" drive metric socket but if that is all you have then try stabilizing the socket/wrench so it does not slip off again. That is definitely the right bolt to remove and it is threaded normally. Did you try loostening it normally (CCW) the very time or did you actually tighten it more the first try? If you actually tightened it, you may be working against yourself to get it back loose again. It is only supposed to be tightened to 51 ft-lb so I unfortunately don't have an explaination of why yours is so tight. BTW, I really don't know why they took the cap and damper rod assembly out of the fork in the video. Once the lower bolt (the one you can't get out) is removed from the lower leg and damper rod, just remove the dust seal and snap ring, put the top of the fork down and jerk the lower leg up to separate. You actually don't even need to drain the fork oil to replace the seals, at least not at the beginning. While you have it apart, I would recommend actually draining and replacing the oil but if you recently changed it and catch the leaking seal before it get contaminated they you could theoretically just leve the oil in place and change the seal.
  14. Here is a white/black '02 CR250 I used to have. I thought it looked pretty good once I took off all the stickers on the number plates.
  15. ZebraStripe

    250R into a 450R?

    You don't have a new bike now, so what about just puttin an ad on Craigslist and elsewhere looking for someone that will trade a 450 for your 250. I have seen ads all the time around here from guys willing to trade a 450 for a 250F so check the ads. Of course, you may not be able to trade your 2006 CRF250 for a 2006 CRF450, but if you could at least get an '05 in trade you would be doing fine.