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  1. If i put in a 08 piston in my 07, will I have to run race gas?
  2. If it is also hard to start when warm, it may be your valves out of adjustment
  3. I dont know if the 03's had it but it may be the emissions system. It is not too big a deal, but if you richen the pilot circuits it should go away if you dont have the emissions stuff.
  4. Sounds like an air leak to me. Maybe something is bouncy open and closed. More than likely it is your hot start. Mine was completely stripped out. Pro Circuit sells one that is made of anodized aluminum. Definetly worth the money.
  5. The top end was just off because i just put the big bore on it. I didnt see anything wrong with the head or valves. I wonder if a cooler heat range plug may help. I just dont know what to do. Do think I may have packed the muffler too tight also? asgier, the athena kit gave great power. The power is much better in bottom to mid, but the top end is a little weaker compared to the bottom to mid, but theres plenty of overrev. There are two downsides however. One it vibrates like no other, and it gives some crazy engine breaking.
  6. i dont believe it is my jetting because i have messed with it alot. i think it is just because the bike gets hot
  7. My 05 480 will not idle for more than 1-2 minutes. It has an athena 480 kit, drd full system, and yfz atv cams with their cam mod done (retarding the exhaust one tooth). I also have a few other things like a boysen waterpump and quickshot. I have yzed the bike by taking out the battery and starter too. I checked the valves, cam timing, and completely cleaned the carb. With the drd d-shaped header the problem was alot worse than with the stock header for reason also. I wonder if the bike just runs hotter with the big bore? Should i change to a cooler heat range plug? Any help would be great. thanks
  8. Filing your basket's fingers should only be temporary for a few rides. With it filed down it will actually groove faster and worse. I would order up a barnett basket because it has metal sleeves over the fingers to prevent grooving and has more oiling holes. I have one on my big bore quad that i use in the sand and its great.
  9. Well somehow my stock hockey stick broke right where the muffler is connected to the pipe, so i ordered up a pro circuit r304. Has anybody else had this problem?
  10. Also does anyone know what pipes from other years and models will fit?
  11. I have a ktm 300 mxc 05 and was wondering if the doma pipe and silencer were good. I was also wondering if the fmf shorty or pc r304 were any good. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. the 250 appears to be in good condition and nearly stock. The 300 is more modified with both the stock tank and larger one, has IRS suspension, fmf chamber, dampner mount, and new levers and tires and top end. They both look to be in good condition.
  13. Can anyone tell the ups and downs of these bikes? The 03 is 3500$ and the 04 is 3000$. Which would you guys buy if it were your money? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I have an 05 wr450 but want to go back to a yz250. The weight is just too much for the majority of the trails. I just cant lean it over or cross ruts like on the yz. Its still a fun bike that is extremely fast, it just doesnt corner well.
  15. I heard the skat-trak intimadator is a horrible paddle tire. I personally want to try their buffed paddle tires (probably a 9 paddle). I currently run a ams sand snake 10 paddle mounted on an 01 yz250f 19" wheel and like it alot. The cups arent to deep though so it still spins fairly easily. Hopefully I can send a tire to get buffed and molded by skat-trak in the next few weeks.