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  1. Have you seen these ticket prices for this event? This is ridiculous! I've been going to this event for 25 years, but I think I'll just save my money from now on. I can go down to Houston for half the price that this guy wants. He'll be lucky to get 30,000 fans in there at those prices. Thanks Mr. Jones for taking a family event and making it unaffordable for the average guy. http://shop.ticketluck.com/ResultsTicket.php?evtid=1143412
  2. A lady on my delivery route has an old Husky 250 in her garage. The tank and gas cap are metal with original metallic green paint. The front fender is white and it seems to be missing the rear fender. She said make an offer and she will ask her son. This bike is clutchless, kicks on the left, and the seat cover appears original. I also saw some vintage gear I could get with the deal too. The bike appears to be in good condition. Is this something the vintage guys would want?
  3. rfv

    Ralphism of the day

    Was it me or did RC look like Kermit The Frog this week in between those two, all lookin' up at them during the main. Somebody put him on a soapbox please.
  4. rfv

    "Bubba Scrub"

    Actually, that picture of JoJo Keller is a just an old school tabletop with the bars crossed up, where as "the scrub" is more of a turn down manuever off the face. Big difference there.
  5. That little swivel ball bearing thingy is called a Lazy Susan. I like the carry or drag them idea best cuz anything you have to fab is gonna cost money.
  6. Yeah, he's out for the next 8-12 months and that's if everything goes well.
  7. What is it with people wishing bad luck on others? I personally would like to see all the pros stay healthy so that the racing is that much more exciting. Fonseca was riding better than ever before he got hurt and his absence has surely been noticed. The same goes for Broc Hepler who rode really well outdoors last season. I'm sick of all the hate towards one rider or another and I want this thread deleted!
  8. Webcast not webcam, can't you read? You can listen to the races on the web live silly. But they are not racing this weekend.
  9. Oh, my bad, I see they ain't racing this week. Wha, you cain't understand ebonics? Whassamatterwichu?
  10. Can a brutha get a link so's I can hears it? Thanks.
  11. rfv

    What not to do!!!

    Don't feel bad. I was watching practice last weekend at Dallas Sx and some squid was overjumping one of the triples. He didn't just do it once, it was like 4 laps in a row. He needed to settle down or they were gonna haul him off on a stretcher. Not sure who it was, some triple-digit dude on a Hondawg.
  12. To Holy Roller, I just got back from the race and it was 1 2 3, Reed stayed with them the whole time until they made their mistakes. It was his race to win and he stayed up and out front. Nick Wey looked good in practice and held off Tedesco for the 3rd place on the podium and deserved it. RC nearly ate the Mastercraft in the middle of the track as he veered off the whoops. The track looked really technical and the whoops were the deciding factor as Bubba was getting really loose as well.
  13. rfv

    colord tires

    Chuck Carothers' bike was sportin' some cool wide whitewalls when he landed that body varial at XGames. The whole bike looked like a lowrider or something.
  14. rfv

    Whose got Dallas?

    Reed had RC beat last year before hooking his front wheel on a lappers' rear wheel. I'd like to see a shake up. After two weeks off and the title on the line, these guys are going to blow it up. If Byrne can get a holeshot and hold RC up, who knows what might happen. KDub rode good in Houston and Reed has got to find some more speed. I'm getting my tickets in the morning and I'll have to say it feels good to bear witness to such great talent. Twenty years ago I would go watch Hannah, Bailey, RJ and those guys and now I get to enjoy it with my son who will be 7 soon. He's a Bubba and CR fan!
  15. Possesion is nine tenths of the law. Just hang on to that bill of sale. Some states don't even issue titles on dirt bikes. I buy and sell old volkswagens all the time that don't have titles. I dig 'em out of the weeds, clean 'em up, and resell them for profit. I wouldn't lose sleep over that title. You won't have any problem finding a buyer for it when the time comes. Most people will say, "I don't care, I just wanna ride!"