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    RM125 clutch push rod issues...

    Backstory: -Step bro seized up the motor. -Took it to a shop to get fixed. -Upon reassembly the mechanic claimed the clutch push rod was not the right one, and had to cut one down to make it work. (How could it not be the right one when it worked properly before??) - Clutch hasn't really worked right since and finally just stopped working completely. So I open it up to have a look for myself and find the end of the modified push rod badly worn. Order up a new push rod, end cap and thrust bearing. The new push rod is a good half an inch longer than the old one. Everyone assures me that it is the correct part. Start putting things back together and its pretty obvious that something isn't right. Now I'm assuming that this is the same problem the mechanic ran into. The part numbers seem to check out. I just can't figure out what else it could be. I hate the idea of having to cut it and making it work.
  2. Psychopathic

    i wanna photoshop U!

    Another quick one... Hangin' with Ricky
  3. Psychopathic

    i wanna photoshop U!

    Tried to clean this one up a bit... for some reason the pictures turn out darker than they look in photoshop.
  4. Psychopathic

    i wanna photoshop U!

    Mind if I contribute a little something?? Still a work in progress....
  5. Psychopathic

    pictures of injuries

    i don't think mine really compares to some of you guys.... riding behind a buddy through a dried out river bed, and i ate some of his roost.... literally. 7 stitches. 3 inside, 4 out and the worst part is that wasn't even 10 minutes into the ride.
  6. Psychopathic

    Head Rebuild

    I apologize in advance for beating a dead horse here. It's new valve time on my '04. I've done some research, but I still can't decide how I want to go about doing this. I need a second opinion (possibly a third) to get me going. Originally I was going to use the stock head, get some OEM valves, seats cut, new guides/seals/springs, all that jazz. But then I figued for a little bit more, I could just pick up a new 07 head + an OEM valve kit. But for a little bit more, I could upgrade to a nice steel valve set. So which one to get. Kibblewhites?? Keep reading too many mixed reviews. FactionMX?? Good possibility. Or do I go for broke and get a complete RHC built head and be done with it. Now money isn't really an issue, as long as what I'm buying is worthwile. I hate throwing money away on stuff that doesn't work, and I absolutly hate doing things twice. Reliability is my #1 priority. Now I'm not expecting it to be like an XR or anything, but I don't want to worry about the valves going out again after the first day on a long weekend ride. Opinions?? Recommendations??