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  1. bubalu

    ATK "antihoping" clutch?

    thank you a lot
  2. bubalu

    ATK "antihoping" clutch?

    Well I need some help with english I would like to know how you call clutches which allow to gear down and stop rear wheel to hop, so rear tire slide... It is hard to explain... It would be easy in slovenian.. well, anyone.. who anderstood my explanation, please help. I need this word or expression to be able to ask if ATK motard 450 has this thank you very much, greetings
  3. bubalu


    I am thinking of buying ATK supermoto motorcycle from USA and I would like to ask, what kind of experiences do you have with this brand generaly and also just that supermotard bike 450 ccm. Is it quality, is it compareable to KTM, Husquarna etc.? I am interested only in supermoto motorbike and views for competition in national championship. thank you, greetings