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  1. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 Cam Timing

    Do I!?... I must book some tickets soon. Is that boat not the one that was sitting in the basement last year? What you mean ONLY a two-stroke? ;-) Yeah, I have the SM wheels on, so I'll take it up to the forest dirt tracks near to where we go on the trials bikes. There's loads of sections and stuff up there, but there's also lovely sandy dirt tracks, perfect for the SM. If you have a pic of the new boat mail it to me!
  2. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 Cam Timing

    Alright mush! ;-) Well, I tried my mates flatslide Keihin off his YZF - once that worked I got my hands on another Dell Orto 38mm, but a VHSB flatslide rather than the roundslide that was in it.... I only got another Dell Orto cos it was going cheeeeeap. How are you mate? I'll drop you a mail later.
  3. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 Cam Timing

    Hi MR, well, I tried another carb there and she lives!!!! actually, I've only got the bike back running this week. I stripped and rebuilt the engine and as I said the timing was out by about 5deg or slightly more - I didn't waste too much time trying to figure out. Anyway, spoke to a few people on this side of the pond, and the general consensus was that the gears that drive the cams were too hard on the early VORs and were subsequently very brittle. That explains it. I never checked the compression, at least not with a gauge, but with the decompressor disconnected the compression is MIGHTY the valves looked good anyway so I knew the compression was going to be ok. When I had the engine rebuilt the bloody thing still would not start. I stripped and cleaned the carb (for the umpteenth time) as I was sure it wasn't getting any fuel. With the choke on the bike would just backfire every 10th kick or so. The genius that had the bike before me put silicon around the mixture screw and the carb was blocked somewhere. Even soaking the thing in solvent didn't shift it! I have a flat slide carb in it now, and I dropped a new plug in too the other day - 5 slow kicks with the choke on, then another 1 or 2 and she fires up, no problems. Just in the process of sticking her all back together at the minute and going through each fitting, fixture, nut, and bolt with Autosol Can anyone recommend a good decal set for the bike - just want to freshen her up and have her looking like new again.
  4. Johnny Wishbone

    Conrod for 2000 VOR 503 MX

    Try Ulrik Nissum in Denmark - I think he is on here as Ulli. JW.
  5. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 Cam Timing

    Thanks guys - just had a look at it earlier and lo and behold the timing marks in the cam gear are exactly the same as the 530 manual. When the timing marks (threaded holes) are horizontal (the position it should be at TDC) it's exactly as you describe Vor530, with the rocker arms loose. This bike has been a b*tch to start from day one (I got it second hand) and it wouldn't idle well at all. I initially thought it was down to a dodgy stator and had it rewound (it was shite anyway) it made very little difference to starting and the crap idle. When I looked further I found the broken teeth in the oil filter and decide a full rebuild was the ticket! Thanks again guys, if this works and I get this baby running sweet like she should I'll buy you a few pints at Pikes Peak or something I'll let you know how it goes...
  6. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 Cam Timing

    Hey Irdave, thanks for that. Looking through the 503/400 manual there is nothing about timing but I'd imagine it's almost exactly the same as the 530 so I'll use that instead.... I'll let you know how I get on! Cheers mate, D.
  7. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 Cam Timing

    Hi folks, I know this topic has been around for ages, but I can't find ANY useful information out of it all My VOR (it seems) has tried to mangle itself from the inside out, and the cam gears has skipped on (the bottom gear has shed about 10 teeth on one side!) and now the timing is way out of whack. Can anyone tell me what the timing marks mean on the gears - the 503 is not the same as the 530, there are no flats on the gears, only semi-circular notches. There is nothing in the (very crappy) manual to tell me how to set the timing up. Ideally it would be great if someone could even take off their gear cover and take a few snaps for me - I'd really appreciate it! Anyway, hope someone can point me in the right direction! D.
  8. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 decompressor height adjuster?

    Thanks for that gdb.
  9. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 decompressor height adjuster?

    I'm taking the head off my 503 at the moment and as I was taking the decompressor lever out I noticed that the free side slots into a threaded piece that comes down through the rocker cover. Am I right in thinking that this threaded piece is for adjusting the amount that the decompressor pushes down on the RHS exhaust valve? Dave
  10. Johnny Wishbone

    Beta Clutch Dragging/not disengaging

    Hi folks, just picked up a Techno (not a thumper I know ) during the week and I can't get the clutch to disengage. I know that the Betas are prone to serious clutch drag, but this is ridiculuous! The master cylinder was gone so I swapped that for the Brembo cylinder off my VOR. Now with the clutch cover off I can see the plates seperating (only by a couple of mm though) when I pull the clutch, but it's not disengaging... Will I need to strip out the clutch and sand the plates? What kind of oil should I be using in the gearbox? (for the moment I just put in some 10W40 but I don't think it's light enough). The clutch line is also an absolute pig to bleed properly which isn't helping. Any help/ideas would be great. Dave
  11. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR450 & Beta250, dirt riding in Spain

    Hi folks, some pics of me & Thirteen from the weekend. We went to the GP on Sunday & got in some riding a couple of days as well. The place is near Alcossebre.
  12. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR front number board

    Hi all, looking for a front number board for my 503. Anyone in the UK or Europe got one for sale (shipping from the US is pricey)? Cheers, Dave
  13. Johnny Wishbone

    Vor Parts, HELP PLZ!

    Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! I have THREE kickstart levers for my 503 which comes to roughly 50% of the world wide supply of 'em! Seriously though, if anyone is in dire need of a kick start lever drop me a PM. Dave.
  14. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR Stator Position

    Sorry for the late response lads, yeah, compression is good, but I don't have a manual decompressor, just the damn kickstart driven one! I haven't been near the VOR for a while now since I leant one of the guys here my ignition to get him up and running.
  15. Johnny Wishbone

    VOR 503 - fuel starvation?

    Hi Eddie, what do you mean by "no spark plug?"? Well, I tried it again last night and still nothing I set the float heights to 11.5mm and kicked until I was blue in the face... nothing... I took the carb back out and blew the starter circuit and air jet out again, still nothing....