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  1. DeathGripDav

    new aprillia dirt bike??

    I have and Aprilia RSV 1000 Mille streetbike and was dieing to get my hands on a dirt or motard Ape. They MSRP for about $8400. The 450 is supposed to be one heck of a dirt bike but not much for the street and the 550 is the opposite. Too much for the dirt, but excellent for the street. Not much support for them yet. Just like any other exotic I have to wait for a lot of parts direct from italy or from warehouses else where in the US. And thats for my streetbike. Cant imagine what it would be like for the dirt or tard. Will get one when they have better support in the US.
  2. DeathGripDav

    Wider Pegs?

    Contemplating buying the wide pegs for my 450R. Sometimes I have trouble finding the correct balance on the pegs forcing me to readjust my foot position. What are the benefits of having the wider pegs? Anyone with first hand knowledge of the noticable differences they made?
  3. DeathGripDav

    Simpson Riding Gear?

  4. DeathGripDav

    Simpson Riding Gear?

    And btw, if they arent already in that business, they may want to tap in to it, which would benefit you and them greatly.
  5. DeathGripDav

    Simpson Riding Gear?

    Call Impact Racing out of Indianapolis. Not sure if they cover MX gear, but you might be surprised to find who owns it. HIGH quality stuff, no doubt and a familiar owner to that type of business.
  6. DeathGripDav

    What would you girls want for a birthday present???

    A new vacuum cleaner!
  7. Anyone ever think that maybe the AMA felt that penalizing RC the 25 points and basically leaving the title to JS without a real contender (Reed is not even in the same ballpark as RC and JS) would have extremely negative results from marketing, fanfare, attendance, viewers, etc all of which comes down to the AMA losing HUGE sums of money. I was thinking that maybe the AMA gave RC his 25 points back to keep him in contention for the title, possibly making him agree to "slack off" some to let JS catch up thus making one heck of a season and finale in Vegas. In turn making this year the year that everyone so looked forward to with JS and RC hammering it out. I have watched RC for quite a while and when he loses, he comes back 100 times better. When he loses he AINT happy and full of smiles! And he isnt joking around! He has done all of that, all the while slipping in certain statements like "I cant wait to get back up there and race with JS!" Almost like he knows he can and will, but something like the AMA is holding him back. I know he got a bad start this past weekend and all, but he isnt riding like his normal self and that in itself is not normal for a "losing" RC.
  8. Was riding when i was about 13-14 yrs old. Was at an unorganized track. very few people. there was a grassy area in the center of the track obviously not a riding area. I got stuck in 2nd gear and it wouldnt come out. So I pulled off in to the grass in the center, no where near the track mind you, and proceeded to work it out of gear. Got the bike out of gear and functioning correctly. Went to ride through the grass to get to a safer place to re-enter. Younger kid than me, decides hes going to buzz me at top speed. Well, as i started to go, 2-3 feet or so, the youngster t-bones me at WOT top gear! i flew about 15 feet in the air, landed and looked down to see my lower left shin was only entact by about 1-2 inches of skin. The rest COMPLETLEY SEVERED! have about 50% movement and much less feeling in it. Very traumatic at such a young age. Was born and breed to play football. had played since i was 7 yrs old organized. Was about to begin my first year of Jr High footbal while playing dual seasons with school organized and park organized. Changed my life forever. Was deathly afraid of doing anything that might damage that leg again. Never played another day of organized ball. I regret that BIG TIME!!!! Its tough to ride both my street bike and dirt bike as thats my shifter leg, but i do it. I play flag football, softball, snowboard, and anything else i can to try and make up for the time lost as a child for fear i may lose my leg completely.
  9. DeathGripDav

    Does R.C. have a woman??

    Forgot to mention the teet shot...nice ones! Paid for courtesy of the Carmichael Foundation, you think?
  10. DeathGripDav

    Does R.C. have a woman??

    RC looks like the kid in Mask! She is pretty hot considering him, but the green can get you better than that! Maybe he just found a good balance of looks and amateur gold digga! Which is nearly impossible IMO. There is no "perfect" woman. If they are super hot, they know it and there will be a HEFTY downpayment on that ass.
  11. All you JS marcs are just taking advantage of bragging rights for one freakin race. Big deal! Where has JS been the rest of the season?!?!?! On his ass, wrecking or getting over zelous and wrecking! He is a great MXer and I would never take anything away from him, but he lacks the experience and patience that RC has! He will get there, but not this year and probably not next. And will have his run too. He just thinks he is going to come up to the big boys and outride everyone, it aint gonna happen bro-man!
  12. BS!!!! i was there, you could totally tell RC was not running is normal pace! It was obvious!
  13. RC has claimed over and over this year that he is just having fun! He has showed many times that he can stay with JS and BEAT HIM!!!! As he has done all freakin season! Another thing to look at too, is if he truly felt bad about lapping JS, yes he did lap him, maybe he wanted to make up for that and give JS some respect back while NOT losing the championship! No one passed RC and no one would have! He rode a smart race to win the championship and thats it! Its a long battle to win the war, JS hasnt figured that one out yet!
  14. The blonde No Fear girl in the pits was the sh*ts! The chicks there this year in the pits and in the stands were impressive! The 30 second girl was hot! I actually thought it was the No Fear blonde, maybe not. Especially when they showed right up her skirt from behind on the big screen! Wouldnt mind having that clip!
  15. He was totally laying low, doing just enough to stay healthy and in second, but not enough to push it over the edge and risk everything. Smart riding if you ask me. Yeah, it didnt make much of an exciting race, i was actually there, but it was smart to say the least on RC's part. hes going to take yet another championship. Long live the king!