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  1. rbonnett

    Street legal suggestions

    Where did you get the brake switch and horn? Does the State of Texas have a vehicle inspection process? I have read elsewhere in TT that the WR can not be lcenced as street legal. I wonder if Texas is unique. I live in Washington State and have a '02 WR250 (Canadian model) that I would love to licence. Any advise would be welcome.
  2. rbonnett

    Azonic Billet triple clamp 1 1/8 mounts

    If you still have it, Iwould be interestedi n buying it.
  3. rbonnett

    Ride Report Powerbomb SX

    I just put a YZF can on my stock WR header, warmed it up for less than 5 minutes, and the header pipe on it was red hot too! Have you learned anything new about the header heat since your post?