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    1986 Suzuki SP200 front tire

    The first part of the number is the width in mm, right? So 80mm/25.4mm = 3.15". Seems like 3.00 would be a pretty good match then. Or maybe I'm missing something.
  2. I'm the proud new owner of a 1986 Suzuki SP200. It's in really tough shape, so going to take some work to get it running and street legal. Getting it running (cleaning the carb and replacing carb boots) will be the easy job. It's an ex-farm bike, so was not maintained whatsoever. The specs say that it takes an 80/80-21 front tire, however I can't find one of that size anywhere! Pirelli MT21 comes in 80/90-21, so I may have to call that close enough. Does anyone know if an 80/80-21 can be found anywhere? Never having owned a dual sport (much less any bike with tube tires), can you buy pretty much any old tube to put in, or should you match it with your tire somehow? Thanks in advance for any help!