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  1. petek_sc

    2000 SXC 400 SM Conversion?

    I got mine used with a plate on it. I thought they were sold as dual-sports here, they come with light and blinkers from the factory.
  2. petek_sc

    2000 SXC 400 SM Conversion?

    I used KTM Hard Parts wheels and a EBC disk. You will need to get a machine shop to make you a spacer for the front axel. Good fun. - Pete
  3. petek_sc

    125 valve adjusting tip

    Yesterday as I was adjusting the valve clearance on my 125 I discovered that a bicycle spoke wrench http://www.parktool.com/products/detail.asp?cat=16&item=SW%2D0 works well to hold the valve stem while tightening the lock nut.