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  1. Howorks

    2014 YZ250F Impeller options?

    This is your best option. http://www.motostuff.com/splitstream-hi-flow-waterpump-kit-for-2014-yamaha-yzf-250.html We Installed me on our 2015 YZ250F.
  2. I know Yamaha has some published. Anyone have a source for other maps? Specially looking for race fuel maps.
  3. Howorks

    Any 14 mechanicals out there to report?

    We bought a 2014 YZ250F and at 6 hours it just died and would not start back up. Found out the stator was gone and taken out by the shrapnel from this stopper assembly. Luckily it did not grenade the whole engine while hitting a big jump. This is a REAL problem with 2014 YZ250F and not just an "internet" issue. Bikes with only a few hours are needing full rebuilds. Here are some pics of the stopper from my bike. My dealer worked with Yamaha to replaced the damaged stator and fish out the remaining pieces from that bearing out of my engine. My son LOVES this bike (just to ride KX250F) and recently bought another 2014 YZ250F but had the dealer replace the stopper and impeller shaft with updated part before taking delivery. Check your bike...
  4. Howorks

    2013 KX250F Bottom end Compatability

    Not sure. Need to open it up.
  5. Scattered the bottom end on our 2013 KX250F and would like to know model year compatibility as I'm trying to find a complete used one. Meaning will a 2009-12 bottom end mate right up to a 2013 top end? Thank you!
  6. Howorks

    2012 KX250F OTD Price

    Went ahead and made the deal. Here is the best part.. the dealer is delivering to us at Washougal MX tomorrow. Now thats service!
  7. Howorks

    2012 KX250F OTD Price

    No tax. Thats the OTD price. I'm just thinking maybe i'll wait a bit longer for a better price or just wait for the 2013.
  8. Howorks

    2012 KX250F OTD Price

    6200 OTD a good price?
  9. Howorks

    Yoshimura RS-4D Exhaust-- PICS

    One industries Factory Kawi graphics
  10. Howorks

    2010 KX450F exhaust fit 2012?

    09-12 are the same.
  11. Howorks

    Yoshimura RS-4D Exhaust-- PICS

    Nice bike! And nice garage set-up:thumbsup:
  12. Howorks

    Yoshimura RS-4D Exhaust-- PICS

    Thanks. Just stock hubs with casting marks removed and powder coated. Got to ride some arenacross with new exhaust and it rips.
  13. Howorks

    Yoshimura RS-4D Exhaust-- PICS

    Acerbis chain guide is about $70 and seems to be better than stock. The stocker wears very fast when using a 51T Chainring.
  14. Howorks

    Yoshimura RS-4D Exhaust-- PICS

    Not sure you are being serious .. or not:bonk: