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    Question on Rekluse for 2009 TE510

    If it was a cable operated clutch it would be easier, but the hydralic clutch limits the adjustment at the bars.
  2. I installed a Rekluse z-Start Pro on a 2009 TE510 and like how it works, auto engage and disengage plus no slipage. My question is on the use of the stock clutch lever, I used to be able to use two fingers and only pull the lever in half way for disengagement and shifting up or down. Now with the Rekluse I had to adjust the lever for full pull and it only disengages at the very last, so I must pull the lever all the way to the grip and then try and down shift (which is very hard now). Up shifts work perfect as before but I used to have no trouble with down shifts, now they are a pain in the ass..... I need the clutch to disengage with only about half a pull of the lever like with the stock clutch. Any ideas on what could help or solve this. Thanks