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  1. For woods I would recommend the 13oz. I didn't think I needed one but gave it a try anyway. I HATED it for the first couple rides. Just give it a chance. I absolutely love it now.
  2. Wow. That sure is a fact based post.
  3. I have a bunch of helmet cam video from our local trails It's a rainy day here. A good time to ride vicariously
  4. Hopefully you have a good experience with those tires. My experience with Kenda has been: Excellent initial traction, then knobbies regularly flying off and rapid wear. I switched to Bridgestone (M202/M201) and I'm very happy. The M401 is also a good front tire. Maybe even better then the 201. My jury is still out..... I was going through 6 Southwick rears a year. These Bridgestones are going to be about 3/yr. for the same riding.
  5. My buddy runs the fat tire on the front of his 06 KXF450. He likes it. It looks huge. I rode his bike and couldn't notice a difference. Woods riding only BTW.
  6. OK, let's put things in perspective. Are any measurements being taken or are we just throwing parts at engine with no true idea whether they are true needed or not? The manufacturers and the A/M parts industry sure has all you folks scared silly. Many, many, seriously....MANY parts are being replaced long before their time. A true mechanic/technician will measure everything. Especially the NEW parts. How the heck to you expect to know if something is worn if you don't know it's original measurements??? You can't just say a piston is done in 20 hrs. First off, unless you're JS/RC/ or dare I begrudgingly say Chad (the king of whine) Reed, you will very unlikely be able to kill any engine part in 20 hrs if properly lubricated. Especially a 2 stroke piston! Give me a break! If you have it jetted correctly you could not possibly wreck it that fast. The bikes these days are built too good for that. Don't believe me? Well then, take the motor apart and do some measurements. The tools won't lie to a person that knows how to read them.
  7. Good video. The guy on the Kawi got his share of soil samples! Is that you, perhaps? We who live in mountains sure get spoiled!
  8. I'm seen a few people with them that swear up and down they are the cat's meow. But riding behind these guys shows me otherwise. In slick conditions they don't have enough control of power delivery. They will spin the rear tire over slimmy rocks, go sideways when crossing angled logs, etc.... Yes, using the clutch requires energy. It's simply another tool though. You will be a better riding for mastering clutch (ab)use. I love the control the clutch gives me.
  9. What kinda bike, what year? Some have had bad water pump seals. Will that 'cause water in oil or just an external leak? I'm not sure cause I've never had to take the pump apart but possibly.
  10. My 07 runs excellent on pump gas. Much better bike than my 02 was. Better chassis: more nimble, more flickable. Makes gobs of power everywhere with the stock pipe.
  11. Jeeee-sus! You had me grabbing for my manual! Points!!!!?!??! No freekin way!!!!! I gotta see this! Phew!
  12. FMF Gnarly for woods. SLightly better bottom end, thicker, tougher metal.
  13. What he said. I have the 08 FS2300. 100, 30, 30.
  14. Running it out of gas is no big deal.
  15. This is a two-stroke we are talking about, right?