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  1. It's all about the yoshimura! This is a bad ass pipe. It has great sound, and the response of the bike from the new addition as well as re-jetted and smog kit is unreal. The bike's new found power is unbeliveable in the low, mid and high ranges, and set-up with the trail riding suspension can't be beat. Ask anyone who owns a 4 stroke or anyone who sells a motorcycle if yoshimura is not a quality product in the 2 wheel world, and ask them how long they have been making pipes for 4 stroke motorcycles, and tell me they don't know what they are doing.
  2. The yoshimura full system is awesome. Could not be any happier, especially for $359.00 for the full system on motosport.com
  3. Great price! I have the works connection and it is everything and more than what I need. I run only what the manual tells me to run in the tranny.
  4. Check out motosport.com, I got my yoshimura complete for 359.00. You can't beat that price for a full, but you need to make sure if you do get that pipe you need to do the mods to the bike or you will run into some problems. My bike sounds much closer to the 450r now, but I think it sounds so much better.
  5. 450x all the way!
  6. It will work. You'll need to do the mods that come with it like the jetting and the air box mods. With the new header the bike will want to breath alot more, so you'll have to open up the air box to help that. Jetting is pretty easy, and if your in cali, then you should remove the smog pump as well. To help get your stock header apart from your new pipe, you can also ice down the side is smaller to make the metal contract and use a lighter to heat up the larger end to help the metal expand.
  7. 05 crf450x california only. All states for the 06 model and later.
  8. hp4 for the tranny and hp4m for the engine. Look at the manual, it's VERY specific which oils to use for the temperatures where you ride.
  9. Forget all those other posts. Get the yosh complete, it's worth it. I have it on my bike with all the mods done to it, and could not be happier. You should just order it through motosport.com. Thats where I got mine, but you'll have to wait. But it's worth the wait.
  10. I removed mine with the applied racing kit from my local shop. They also have a white bros kit that you can get. Both are the super easy to install.
  11. I installed the fastway case saver for the x since the r is different. Heard nothing about the tm case saver.
  12. Why don't you sell your x and buy an r if that is what you want. Just like you said still the best TRAIL bike made!
  13. I love my 450x. First ever bike, bought on Halloween of 2005. I am 5'7 165lbs and a brand new rider, and I love it. I've been to Gormon, Dove Springs, Jawbone, Cal City, Wagon Wheel,...etc etc. The bike has been laid down many more time than I would like, but I could not be any happier with the bike.
  14. Get the x and enjoy the ride.
  15. You will not be disappointed with the 450x, an absolutely incredible bike.