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  1. trx450rdr

    Top speed

    my 06 topped out at 73 in loose dirt with just an e2 pipe, not even jetted yet
  2. Hey i know that guy who sunk his new truck in the gila
  3. Where were you on that hill derik.... oh yeah not there j/k
  4. i like the last picture of the two girls walking their bikes. Can't say much though as me being on four wheels and takin a tumble
  5. trx450rdr

    06 trx?

    pipe down, that's what you are a sprout, just a little one
  6. trx450rdr

    06 trx?

    i just got my 06 last saturday, put an e2 wb pipe and twist throttle on it and i love it. after riding a 400 ex for a couple of years this bike is night and day, i keep forgetting i have a fifth gear cuz i'm all ready haulin ummmm tail in fourth
  7. trx450rdr

    Some helmetcam from today!

    there is nowhere to twist the throttle on those trails!