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    Stalls when put in gear

    Have you takin it for a ride since you replaced the clutch plates? The clutch will do that after a rebuild or something when the oil is completely drained. If thats the problem it should only take a few hundred feet to get it working again. Also did u count the new plates when you put them in? Ive had an experience when... a certain someone... forgot a plate! I would also compare the new and old springs for any differences in size etc.
  2. mx mike

    Stuck in the mud 2

    in the world of atving, everyone is a puss. period. lol j/k
  3. mx mike

    450 vs 250f?

    Hey guys, I'm just commin off of an RM125 and its time for a new bike so Ive decided it would be best to go four stroke But the question now is what bike is right for me? I am about 180 without gear so that might play a factor, although i do have a fair amount of experience racing and such. The main problem for me is that just about every one of my friends rides a 250f, so naturally i am leaning towards getting one also, so i can race with them. I am only concerned about making the wrong decision and having regrets later on. So should i go ahead and get a 250f or would i be more suited to step up to the 450? What are some pros and cons of each? Thanks in advance! p.s. I realize that a similar question has been asked, but i decided to start a new thread because of my unique circumstances