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  1. rudiedj

    Cheap supermoto conversion for a WR450

    I have sent you a PM with more questions.
  2. rudiedj


    CAn anyone please explain to me firstly, how they work (technically) and what the effect is?
  3. rudiedj

    Chain questions

    An oring when compressed between the linkage plates hav two places of contact. One per side, to keep gunk out and lubrication inside. An xring is supposedly better, cause it is an oring with dual edges per side, creating two contactpoints per side, for double protection against gunk. You are right, you have to shorten your chain yourself.
  4. rudiedj

    yamaha XT660X

    Could someone that owns one of these please comment on them? I would like to buy something like this for commuting to work. Would you recommend this or rather a GS650? or maybe the KTM SMR?
  5. rudiedj

    I need a better seat!!!!!

    I just use a cycling pants, with the foam insert. helps a lot.
  6. rudiedj

    WR450F stock Graphics

    My brand new WR of 4months, have started to peel its graphics. I take good care of my baby and wash it properly after every ride, staying away from the graphics with the high pressure cleaner, spraying silicone all over, wiping excess off. Does anybode else have this problem? Do yamaha use poor quality graphics kits?
  7. already submitted, sorry
  8. When the gripping edge becomes rounded, is it worth going through the effort of changing the direction on the tyre?
  9. rudiedj

    Renthal vs. Pro Taper bars?

    shit, I didn't know you get so many kinds, sorry.
  10. What is your opinion about the two, except for the fact that the grips are a bit higher up on the pro taper, what are the pros and cons to both, which do you prefer and why?
  11. rudiedj

    WR450F: running the engine in

    That is pretty much what I would do as well. Thanx guys
  12. rudiedj

    WR450F: running the engine in

    Hmmm, can I assume then that none of you ran your engines in? Just get up and open up? ;-D
  13. Hi Guys I have just bought a 06 WR450F, and will get it tomorrow (cant wait ) Question is, I have heard so many different ways of running the motor in, so I thought maybe I would hear from the guys that have done it, and have the proof that their way works. Please enlighten me. thanx