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  1. Any mx tracks in these areas, moving to West Palm beach and wondering if I'll be lucky.
  2. I have a local friend, Bobby Jimenez, do you know hoe he finished? where can I get the results?
  3. Supercross

    how did Jason Lawerance finish?
  4. I went and it is worth every penny. One of most enjoyable days in the excellent sport.
  5. I have a YZF 250 '06 just ordered a White Bros. Pro Carbon II How is the installing?
  6. I have a '06 YZ250F, I want more pickup and speed to make doubles coming out of corners, what have you fellows gone with? Please advise.
  7. your reply made my decsion, Motosport is sending them as we speak. Hope your right
  8. 90% motocross tracks Hard stuff
  9. Can I get some recommendations for tires for my '06 yz Thanks, Scott
  10. this past weekend, he got bang up pretty bad, broken jaw, induced coma, air lifted. Check out the District 6 web side under message board for more info.
  11. Any update on Bobbys condition???
  12. no, looking forward to Blue Diamond next Friday. Lets git r done!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sat. looks like a washout, however Sundays a go.
  14. I love my thor riding jacket, very warm and arms move nice. As for riding gear there is only one name - Troy lee
  15. Looking to go south for some motocross riding. I'm in S. jersey. Has anybody taking any trips south that they would reccommend. Thanks in advance.