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  1. MORGS

    april 8th california city dirt ride

    What kind of ride is going to be? going to Ransburgh...Husky?
  2. that looks like some good customer service to me. Been looking into getting a OGIO bag.
  3. MORGS

    And Begin....

    only one thing comes to mind watching that GIT R DONE
  4. MORGS

    New X Games News

    sweeeet! going to have to check that out.
  5. MORGS

    Pics of the machine!!!

    Rem the bike is Lookin good! Waffle house lol i miss that place need to get one out here in Cali
  6. MORGS

    EvS riding shorts?

    I have them and don't have any problems.
  7. MORGS

    Is this gear okay?

    that gear is better than none at all.
  8. MORGS

    Chris Haines Trip?

    I was down in baja last Thursday 3/22 on the toll road little past Rosarito and come up on a Chris Haines Van and a Truck load with 15-20 bikes all hondas works suspension desert tanks etc.when i drove up on them looked over at the van i was thinking to myself lucky bastards wish i could have been one of them. was TTr on that trip? where did it go?
  9. DIZZE tried to send you a PM but you box is over limit.
  10. MORGS

    Son's bike stolen!!!!!

    damm that sucks! i live down the street in glendale. will keep an eye out. do you live off pennsylvania? i was driving down the street yesterday and saw a couple of people outside with a 50 and another bike. if it was you maybe someone saw it also or maybe some local tweekers. do you have any pics might help out if anyone see it around?
  11. MORGS

    Hollister Ride

    some helpful advise. go back to your post edit it and when you go into photobucket where you pics are posted use this option.
  12. MORGS

    web site question

    in printer properties "i think" some have the options for text only. or just cut and paste might be easier
  13. MORGS

    This is *****ed up

    Wow that is crazy and hard to watch (for the rider) but that is part of Mexico down to the dumbass probably drunk going up the wrong way to the way he got delt with. Always have to be careful racing or causual riding down there.
  14. MORGS

    Color of KTM'S

    the Orange on Black are awsome. its an eye catcher for sure good or bad i love mine.
  15. MORGS

    Gorman 11th and 12th

    i was out there last Friday 3/9 and it was like a Ghost town. so much better on the weekdays.