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  1. Those are my two most favorite graphcis! Problem is that now that I acctually need graphics I looked on there site and couldnt find them any more?
  2. This is a good thread! Keep posting up your lists cause my bike is need of upgrading here....
  3. I love that bike! There is somthing about a stock look with black rims that I love! Very nice bike....
  4. That is one sick looking bike! Very impresive!
  5. Thanks for the help every one! I will be ordering them within in the week. Another question, since Im to lazy right now to start a new thread, If later on down the road I decide to buy a header would it be the same as buying the complete system? Or is there a stock mid pipe in there if I buy them seperate?
  6. Well this week end I had an unfortunate event in which I bent my dualies. So I figured that I would replace them with the FMF 4.1 slip ons because I really liek their look. If Im just putting the slip-ons on what should I do about jetting? Should I be ordering new jets with the slip ons or will I be able to get away with the stock jets? I live right at sea level if that helps....
  7. Good lookin bike and great deal! Nice find.
  8. That makes me mad too....I dont get why Red Bull wouldnt want free advertising? People would put there logo over everything just like people do with the monster logo... I dont get it.
  9. Wouldnt they be to wide? I thought the single cans were wider? Maybe Im wrong though not sure just what I always thought.
  10. I wouldnt base your descison on vales... I havent had to change them on my 06 yet...some people just get bad luck with honda valves. Dont egt me wrong I like my Honda but I think IM switchign to kawi this year but its all about personal preferance
  11. LOL Im from Holland and race at big air all the time too!
  12. Sweet thanks! let me know...
  13. Not sure but do they have a website? Or if you could send me that phone number that would be awsome! If you do end up buying one from them, if it doesnt bother you, could you pm me the OTD price you got? I would really apreciate it!
  14. Hey any more Im in the same boat and live in MI as well!
  15. Very nice I think that I am going to have to try this once I get my kaw!