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  1. spencer322

    A few pics of my 07 CRF...

    cool bike im get one in a few months
  2. spencer322

    Sick CRF150R!

    thats sweet
  3. spencer322

    race bike

    oh i got all the safety stuff already
  4. spencer322

    race bike

    well i dont like 2 smokes because of all that smoke but i asked the dealer about the crf150r to learn on and he said i would tear it up in a week or so thats y he said i needed the 250r
  5. spencer322

    race bike

    well i know about the jumpping part because i use to do bmx all the time until i messed my knee up even though bmx bikes are lighter then a dirtbike but i figgered it some what the same and i have lessons for learnin all about jumpping and all that good stuff they do and the dealer said that i would need the crf250r if i wanted to race but some dealers just say stuff to make u buy the product
  6. spencer322

    race bike

    i mean like racing mx they say it is really hard to do
  7. spencer322

    race bike

    ok but why does every one say its like the hardest thing to do
  8. spencer322

    race bike

    im iight at riding trails but want to start ridein mx but i also have free rideing lessons for mx
  9. spencer322

    race bike

    is this a good frist race bike for someone who is just getting into racing
  10. spencer322

    trade in?

    does any one know about how much i mite get for tradeing in my 06 ttr 125 for an 06-07 crf 250r?
  11. spencer322


  12. spencer322

    Which would want

    yepp same here
  13. spencer322

    TTR, starts, but dies with any throttle

    my 06 does that but start riding with the choke on bout a min later turn it off that works for me
  14. spencer322


    iight thanks well do u know where in sc that does?
  15. spencer322


    does anyone know if tnt has races for 4 strokes?