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  1. I got my 2000 400 2 years ago for 1500, they guys wife wanted money to remodel their basement so the price of the bike went in my favor. I love the bike, has enough power to anything you want. If you have the starting procedure down it will start on the second kick at most when cold.
  2. Legend_XL

    2000 WR400...Would you recommend it?

    I picked mine up 2 years ago for $1500. That is uncommon to get that good of a deal. When I showed up to pick it up the guy couldnt get the thing started so I got him to knock 500 off the asking price. I would say up to 2200 would be about right.
  3. Legend_XL

    2000 WR400...Would you recommend it?

    I baught my 2000 wr 400 2 years ago and I havent been able to wipe the smile off my face since. I have just performed routine maintenance and have had no problems. Starting is easy if you know the process. I would highly recommend it. Go for it if the price is right.
  4. Legend_XL

    Just bought my 99 WR400 for $1500!

    Are you giving it gas when you are kicking the thing over? I know if i give mine any gas at all I have to kick it over for a while before it will start. Try not touching the throttle at all while kicking it over. An easy way to avoid it is to put your hand on the tank instead of the throttle grip. That should help you out a bit.
  5. Legend_XL

    Front wheel bearing question

    So a buddy and i were out riding and about 30 miles out his front wheel bearing gave out . Without any other option we rode it back to the truck. When he went to go change the bearings one side came out ok, but the other was so mangled he is having a hell of a time getting the thing out . Does anybody have any tips or tricks that can help get him back on the trail. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Legend_XL

    WR-400 seats

    +1 on the guts racing seats. I love mine.
  7. Does the battery have juice when you go to start the bike, then run down while trying to start it when cold? I have heard the the e-start doesnt have enough oomph to start the bike when cold, and will just run the battery down cranking the thing over.
  8. Legend_XL

    Which to get Wr250 or WR450

    With limited experience on dirt, I wouldnt rule out the 250. A few of my friends that weigh more than you have purchased 250's and love them. Most people that buy the 450's dont have the ability to use all of the bike. I would recommend test riding one of each and decide what you feel most comfortable on.
  9. Legend_XL

    is this a good deal? wr400 2000

    +1 Mine is the same way, even when cold.
  10. Legend_XL

    is this a good deal? wr400 2000

    I would say that is a little steep. I paid 1500 for mine last summer and all I had to do to it was put some new plastics on it to make it cherry.
  11. Legend_XL

    What do You think???

    I would say get it. I have had my 2000 wr400 for about 2 years now. I ride the crap out of the thing. I change the oil about every other ride and have had no problems with it. Just out of curiosity what is the guy asking for it?
  12. Legend_XL

    07wr450 carry rack

    That is a good looking rack, It is nice, clean and fits with the mold of the bike. I will take one for an 00 WR400 please
  13. Legend_XL

    Shifting Problem?

    +1 to what SC said. If you are already stopped just rock it back and forth it should pop right into first. My WR, SV650 and GSXR 750 all do the same thing.
  14. Legend_XL

    Tire Change Help needed........

    http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1215721,00.html Watch the video from that link. It is a three video series. I just switched my tires out, I got to tell you the first time doing it is going to be frustrating. Do your self a favor and make sure you break the bead on both sides....it makes life alot easier. Let us know how it goes!
  15. Legend_XL

    Tire suggestions???

    I went with the Michelin M12's in the front and rear. Up here in the northwest there are alot of rocks and mud, they work well in both.