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  1. They had a write up in Dirt Rider on this bike. BMW went way outside the box with this bike. Swing arm pivots off the front sprocket shaft, and the gas tank under the seat to name a few. I'd like to see this bike in person.
  2. Nope, I still pop in and check out what fellow riders are doing when I get the chance.
  3. Hey, I need to get back into Church too. I've been working on replacing linoleum with tile in the house every weekend for the last two weeks, and still have a few weekends left to finish. Now I know why tile installer’s labor is so high... ChicoFF is up in StonyFord this week hiding from the call telling him to get his ass down to LA.
  4. I was in SF all day working and it only rained early morning. Driving home I took 505 and cut across throught Knights Landing the clouds were black out Stoney's direction. Yuba got some good rain today I'm told, and my softball game was called off due to wet fields. So, I would have to say Stoney got rain too.
  5. Driving up Friday after work and camping till Sunday. There's a chance of showers Sat, but we are breaking in a brand new 26' Toy Hualer:thumbsup: I'm leaving the motor home at the house for once:banana: We have six riders in the group so far:ride:
  6. Charlie has this post on the website... Notice: Marysvillemx at Riverfront Park will be closed Starting February 1st. , due to circumstances beyond our control. (We have been forced out by Estreetmx, Scott Davis). It was not our choice that we are having to leave. Estreetmx offered the City a lot of money and the City leased Riverfront Park to Estreetmx We would like to thank all our loyal supporters over the past 30 years of operation. We regret that the new operator would do that to us. We will really miss all of you. We do plan to run the CMC races, at Argyll park. The next race is scheduled for April 15th, at Argyll Park in Dixon Ca.
  7. I would say not before a race. I went to the Marysvillemx.com site and see Charlie still owns the site, but you need to check a schedule. Scott Davis the new owner should have something posted someplace?
  8. This guy looks like a local:smirk:
  9. It's a CULT!!! NO PICTURES SLYKO:banghead: Sacred trails:worthy: Edit your post:thumbsup:
  10. It's about time.. That place keeps me in riding shape:thumbsup:
  11. How do ya get a one arm tax collector out of a tree...... Wave at him..... OOOO I forgot you don't have tree's out there:smirk: I donated $40 What's up with the place past Sand Moutain?
  12. Last trip we took to Church was crazy. :p We rode all day Hard! We all were wore out and ready to call it a day. :p Then ChicoFF dropped off a cliff and we all followed him down:bonk: There was only one way out, and it was straight up for a 1/2 mile or so:crazy: Six riders only two of us made it without help. It was getting dark:banghead: The bikes got beat to hell!!! Bent pipes, broken plastic, broken egos:thinking: I could go on and on:prof: I still think there is no better way to spend my Sundays:smirk:
  13. We plan to head up the week after:thumbsup: The 14th and 15th..
  14. I've got a friend that heads out there a few times a year. So, I made the trip just to see what it's all about... Now I can say I've been there done that:rolleyes:
  15. Left Friday around 6:00pm and arrived around 11:00pm. It was a long trip in a 25 year old motor home, but we made it no problem. This was the first time on a paddle for me, and it was pretty cool. I don’t plan on heading back anytime soon the place was ok.