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  1. Clutch is very stiff, I have lubed cables and even gone as far as replacing the cable to no avail. Anyone have a suggestion for an aftermarket clutch. Also, I checked the plates and there are no groves whatsoever. Is there anything I can do to make the current one butter?
  2. Looking for a ride hookup Sunday, my wife is taking the baby and I am in dire need to twist the throttle.
  3. I am game for Monday if you are available. I like to ride as often as possible! PM with your number if you would like to go for a break in ride.
  4. I live in Long Beach and ride mainly tracks, however if you need someone to ride w/ tomorrow PM me & we can hit it up in the morning.
  5. I agree, racetown in the mornings on the vet track is mellow. Keep your line and the faster riders will just go by you. Also, you may want to try the vet track at Cahuilla. The jumps are minimal and you can really hone your skills in. The track is big enough that the faster rider fly by you and you can just take your time.
  6. Anyone know if both Vet & Main are going to be open this weekend?
  7. Their hours are usually 9-3 try and give them a call 951 926-4646.
  8. If you have never been to a track before I personally would not want to ride Piru for the first time. It gets very crowded there and I have seen guys use the slower people as burms. Try Cahuilla in Anza, CA. They have a vet track that is really mellow and allows for you to take your time without getting stressed out with who is behind you. Also, i might suggest Ractown or Competetive Edge Mx park. Thats my .02 anyway.
  9. Have you jetted the bike properly to the pipe specifications? I installed a new exhaust and was having similar symptoms. I re-jetted and the backfiring subsided.
  10. Jet kit includes 5 Keihin jets & two tapered needles. The main jets may vary bike to bike and I am not familiar with the jets that come with Yammi's.
  11. Thanks for your rcomendations. I will try that this weekend.
  12. Installed a Jd Jet Kit and my bike is bogging when I stab the throttle. Have an 05 Crf 450R no mods with the exception of an E2 Exhaust. I ride from Sea level to 3000 feet. Put in a 45 Pilot, red needle 5th position and 175 main jet. Should I install a higher jet? I have adjusted pilot screw & throttle to no avail. Tried to blip the throttle to get my front end up over a river bed and the bike bogged. Any info would be appreciated.
  13. I think you "hurd" wrong.
  14. Take off the carb and see if you can get a small flat screw driver in there or some small needle nose pliers and try and unscrew it if possible. Otherwise take it to a shop.