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  1. Greetings where abouts can I get a map of the Pipestone OHV area? In Bozeman?
  2. Road Weary

    Can you plate a "dirtbike" in New Mexico?

    Thanks. So there is no inspection?
  3. Road Weary

    Can you plate a "dirtbike" in New Mexico?

    I just bought a CRF230F and am plating it here in Montana (an easy thing). I've got to move to New Mexico in the Fall and I think maybe I am wasting my money by doing all the mods to get it street legal here if I cannot get a plate in NM. If you bring it into NM with street plates from lets say Montana is it easier to get a street plate in NM?
  4. I thought about putting 230 size rims on a 150 and a BBR lift. Now with all the input I'm not sure. I've met so local racers who swear by diminutive 125's. Though I can certainly see getting a 230 or so because I cannot justify having a garage full of these things at the present moment. Oh the f650 Dakar offroad not really what it was supposed to be actually it does everything pretty poorly which is why I have one. I could'nt make up my mind about how I was going to or where I was going to ride. I got it for gravel roads and lite 4x4 stuff thats it.
  5. I really appreciate it guys. I'm really dead set on doing it right this time. So I'm actually more excited about getting my "little" bike than I was getting the Dakar.
  6. I already own a porky F650 Dakar and recently took the MSF dirt rider class. I realized I have poor skills and was thinking about the purchase of a 230 or under bike to learn on (embrassed to say I cannot even wheelie) I was considering a CRF150F, CRF230F or the TT-R125 LE. Light and unintimating is my desire. I don't plan on riding alot of trails most gravel roads and such (to really get comfortable sliding the rear) plus learning wheelie. ANy advice