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  1. scav_engr

    Who the hell was Bob Hannah?

    LOL... and I -had- had a few duff's before/when I wrote that.... hehe...
  2. scav_engr

    Who the hell was Bob Hannah?

    McGrath is no Hanna, nor is McGrath no Johnson; McGrath is McGrath. bubbles stewart is no Hannah nor can even be compared; Hannah was Hannah, it was attitude and made for the first MX Champ, -that's Hannah. Then, where is Chuck Sun today? ...Another champ. McGrath has class and would never raise Hannah's name to his own, stewart on the other hand might make the mistake; stewart is no where near the class of Hannah, just how it is. There's an MXFiles on edonkey of Hannah, Johnson, and DeCoster- seems the only one's capped; great stuff, all of 'em.
  3. scav_engr


    check out- www.kzrider.com that site is all kz, forums, etc.
  4. red, u have no idea that those opposed to your point of view in this thread actually have your interest in mind. 'most' here (i bet) would love to see you rise above your *belief* that gullible warming exists and see the -truth-. Someone in your position absolutely needs to hear the other side, you've only listened to one side; this 'movie' will be a good wake up call for you (see link in orig post.) 3,000 years ago- how do you think in any ancient city that had thousands of people, yes, 50,000, 100,000+, 1,000,000, etc, that they handled basic human 'needs' and 'issues'? ie- human waste, garbage, trash collection, clean water, etc? They had to have leaders with a plan and 'services' back then too. no, really The task itself is the same today, nothing different; except, CO2 is going to kill us now- we're all going to die... again... Meanwhile, listen to whom you've been listening to red- the 'green-peacers' whom have stated- 70's, (forget), we're all going to die. 80's new ice age, we're all going to die. 90's, rain forests, we're all going to die. 2000, polar cap ice melt, all coastal cities under water, we're all going to die. 2005+ 'gullible warming', we're all going to die. And all these 'predictions'? All based on 'humans' destroying the planet. So.... we shouldn't be here posting right? So... the track record is? And the 'science' behind 'gullible warming' is not fit for scrutiny? Sure it is... and... it doesn't add up.
  5. scav_engr

    Race Day Gone Bad....

    jeez louise, that guy couldn't catch a break.... &%$#@! with the 2nd and 3rd riders? damn...
  6. smog in LA? so, if one is to stand in LA and see the overcrowding much like in NY or Chicago or any other highly dense urban city- this is to be representative of PLANET over-population and pollution? How about the city managers in LA *suck* and the air quality there SUCKS. But guess what? It's not LA 50 miles outside of LA. red- do you even see your own point of view and what you believe? There are only 6 billion people in the world as we speak. Next, follow the *MONEY*, 'gullible warming' is nothing but a convenient LIE scaring people like you red and others where it doesn't even exist (never did.) The planet warms and cools, no big deal, scientists have known this for centuries; but see what al gore and 60's hippie liberals have done to YOU? Know who wins in this? Follow the *MONEY*, al gore and co. are after YOUR WALLET, 'carbon footprint'? carbon taxes? You've got to be kidding... The only 'thing' that needs 'regulated' concerning pollution is, and still is, industry for what needs to be regulated; everything else is a myth and a scam. Does modern society need sanitation properly and all that? Yup, just like three thousand years ago; these are called 'small problems'. -Interesting Note: Also, how come where every idustrialized nation on the planet (communist and free) contributes to 'gullible warming', yet, communists don't regulate their 'stuff', but 'WE' in the USA are the only ones subject to the TAXES? Interesting math equasion no doubt. Wake up red. it's a SCAM, and you've been had. Good news (or bad depending on your point of view)- instead, we're not all going to DIE, we're all going to LIVE; and how could we have our little armageddon party if gullible warming is to kill all mankind?
  7. scav_engr

    Mike Alessi's greatest moments!

    can't tell ya which race but it was a 2005 mx race. thought it was MA that cut the course tho.
  8. scav_engr

    Mike Alessi's greatest moments!

    daytona this year- who was MA dragging? Dungey?
  9. scav_engr

    Movie editor

    pc video editor. problem here is that to get 'one', and a good 'one', you have to $pay$. Sony Vegas is highly recommended, adobe (sumthin' and big bucks) is another, otherwise, nuthing in freeware, just how it is.
  10. scav_engr

    Awesome MXDN video...

    For this whole everts bubbles thing? bubbles got owned, end of story. to see bubbles ego get tweaked was pretty funny. Ever notice this though?- bubbles gets beat by RC outdoors. bubbles took a couple from RC, but only a couple. bubbles also dnf'd the 2005 mx season and otherwise crashed out on several races in 2006, bubbles didn't put up much of a show. bubbles is dead on in sx, outdoors he's not as good. case in point? everts.
  11. scav_engr

    Best and Worst of Motocross and Supercross

    thnx for the link! bubbles didn't make a 'mistake', he took a line he couldn't take and caused that crash.
  12. sometime back when I got into the networking stuff, it took awhile to understand what was going on. (big utorrent fan, just looked in faq) yellow means no port open and no one can connect to you. But, you 'can' receive from others in torrenting and this is probably how your getting your d/l. Also, you must be getting full files because there's lots of seeds/peers as in the bitorrent protocol, if your part of a swarm (the group) and you don't send back out to others? Eventually all the others, will 'snub' you and refuse to send to you as you never have anything to send to them. If you have lower seeds/peers and ever find you can't finish a file, look at the log, (think you gotta turn this on first) you just may be snubbed out from all the other seeds/peers. The port forwarding stuff is hard the first time out, most importantly is knowing how (somebody's computer) is setup. Something like- 01. DSL/Cable Modem -> computer. software 'firewall' needs to be on the computer and port defined 'open' here. 02. DSL/Cable Modem -> home router -> computer1, (computer2, computer3). firewall is on router, port needs to be 'opened' and 'forwarded' from router (in router config) to destination computer IP address. windoze has the 'Internet Connection Sharing' which makes a pc a router to share the internet line with other computers which takes the place of a home router. This takes a second network card, a hub or a switch, and it's a whole lot easier to just go get a $40 linksys home router instead. (better product too.) If anyone's got ICS 'on' in trying to 'help' things, unless you've got it setup for it's purpose, turn it off, it'll just get in the way.
  13. torrents are 'safe'. the thing about torrenting and speed is how many seeds and peers. if you have 100 seeds and any number of peers you can get your file(s) FAST. it's a group sharing thing, dependent upon.... how many seeds and peers. If a file is 'new' and there's only one seed and 100 peers, then things are going to be SLOW as one seed is serving out to many peers. then the peers are sharing, etc. Then, once peers go %100 and start seeding, things go fast. For NAT, firewalls, and ports, now your into computer networking. Your machine has an ip address, -and- your home router or dsl modem has an ip address (to the outside world). Pull up a webpage? You go from your computer ip to your dsl modem/router ip, then out to the internet network. When you browse the web you request things from others (you're the client). When you torrent you need to serve out to others, ie- they need to connect to you as a 'server', and your firewall is blocking this as it should. Setups are different but 'port forwarding' is to open a port (or range) on your router/firewall to receive an incoming connection request. The 'forwarding' is from your firewall/router/etc TO your machine and it's ip address, not your machine 'to' your router/firewall. Torrent clients (and other things) ask- "what port(s) are you using and going to give to me to use to accept incoming requests so I can serve out?" Etc. Azuerus is a great client, a complicated client, and, it can do a whole bunch of things. uTorrent is a great client, a very easy to use client, and is highly recommended. But, both ask you and need to know what port you can accept incoming connections on, it's standard operation. This is the subject area in 'port forwarding'. When you get into 'ports', any single ip address has a valid 'port' range of 0-65,000 'ports'. This means one ip address can have upto 65,000 independent connections, etc. Not that this is actually done, but is how things are. Only selected ports to 'open' for times in use is how things are actually used. The rest? Firewalled, ie- 'blocked' to accept any incoming requests. On a firewall, the less ports open the better (security). Thing is, all this 'port' stuff is user defined. YOU set the ports on your firewall to 'open' (for incoming connections through the firewall and to your computer), and you choose what port number your going to use, and, what ip address (your machine) you want your firewall/router to send the request to. For security, to start, there's 'standard' ports being used and these are the ones you do not want 'open' in port forwarding. Chose something/anything above 5,000. ie- 6000, 17289, or 52624, or, 11872, or 23526- are all valid to be used and you make this up. YOU choose this and set this on your firewall, then tell your program what port number it is to be used. if/when you need a 'range', less the better, 5, or 10, or whatever the program's documentation calls for. ie- '5', 11872->11877. 'port security'- if you get or have some person whom is specifically scanning your outside ip address (at your modem or router to the rest of the internet) looking for a 'hole' and taking the time to scan all 65,000 ports, then somebody is interested in the 'stuff' you got. Are you a bank? So... at home you don't have much to worry about, with, you picking something above 5000. 0-5000 is scanned by internet bots, these guys are trying to 'get in' on whatever they can, and most don't bother with anything more; somebody has to have a reason, etc. In fact bots won't even scan the 0-5000 range, 0-1024 is actually the range they hit and they hit common standard ports, they don't want to take the time to scan ranges. Just choose whatever you want between 5000-65000 and you'll do fine. A typical home/router/firewall has basicly to start no open ports, why? In home 'use', you're not serving anything, and 0-65000 out of the box are blocked for incoming requests. ie- "firewalled" to the outside world. nah, this is 'easy' as it gets, ugly stuff. but, once your feet are wet in the subject and you know what hardware/setup you have. then things are easy.