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  1. SSMITHTC250

    2005 TC 250 blown Motor

    I everyone I have a lightly used TC250 with a blown motor. I have move on bought a 04 KTM 300. Does anyone know what this may be worth? Is anyone interested in it? Shop say it need a bottom end.
  2. SSMITHTC250

    suspension settings on new 05tc250

    I have about 8 hours on a new TC250. I am 5'10 165 lbs and I find the The front folks very stiff. I have tried clicking it dow a bit but it is still beating me up. I may try some softer spring. If anybody has ideas let me know.
  3. SSMITHTC250

    Best boots for under 150$?

    got a cheep pair of fox $120 . They are not that good
  4. SSMITHTC250

    New to Husqvarna

    I just came off a crf230 that I rode with my kids. I went for a 05 TC250. You can pick one up new in the $4500 dollar range and they rip compared to the 230. save the 3k over the 510 and keep the street bike.
  5. SSMITHTC250

    05 tc250 starting problems

    As soon as I got the bike it started hard. I wore down the little battery and needed to recharge it. After a few ride as the bike started to break in it started easier. I have had it out twice now for five hours now and it starts almost instantly.
  6. SSMITHTC250

    Husky 250 lowering

    Let me know what you find out. I also just picked up an 05 TC250 I am 5'10" 170lbs with a 31 inch inseam and I am also struggling in the tight stuff. I also find the suspension stiff for the woods, I am going to try adjusting the sag an folks. Over all love the bike. Any advice would be appreciated, What sag/fork setting are you using?
  7. SSMITHTC250

    2004 TE 250 purchase question

    I just picked up a new from the dealer 05 TC250 $4500 out the door.