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  1. I have found a 1974 Kawasaki 350 Big horn for sale that I am very interested in. It is CHEAP, but I'm concerned...... The seller says it smokes a LOT, and is pulling the oil from the crankcase. I "assume" that it has a busted ring? Can there be any other reason for it to be burning the crankcase oil? I'm not a TOTAL dummy, and I've never built a 2-stroke, but I'm sure that I can replace the jug and upper half without a problem. I'm looking to restore this bike to a very decent condition and trail ride with it. Opinions? Any feedback???? Thanks guys!
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    06' Crf150 Otd...

    Well, according to RandMcNally, it's 2500 miles from Seattle to Chattanooga (I don't know where in WA you're at). If you figure 20mpg@2.25 per gal, and 6 nites in $50 motels, that's roughly $850. And it's a beautiful drive......................................... .........................and your profile says Nevada........where does the "Washington" come into play? If you are Nevada, that gets the travel costs doen to around $450.
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    My next mods.

    THAT'S the smartest thing I've heard in this thread. Leave the chain alone. I have 2 150's, 1 with the original chain, 1 with a 428. There is ZERO difference in the two bikes. Spend your money elsewhere.
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    06' Crf150 Otd...

    You said that you DIDN'T want the best deal in the world, but here it is: www.southernhonda.com I have bought 3 bikes from them, and I can assure you they are the LOWEST you can get. They will not ship to you (Honda won't allow it) but maybe their prices will give you an insight into what CAN be done, if your dealer is willing.
  5. I don't know exactly on the difference, but there is quite a bit. The bend on the factory bars is terrible. Go to your local dealer and take a set of the CR High bars, and look at them next to a 150/230. There is a dramatic difference in the bend. By the way........make sure you buy 7/8" bars or risers. Other sizes won't fit without more modifications.
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    2005 Crf150 Vs. 2006 Crf150

    I own a 2006, and a friend has a 2005. I have ridden both. 2006 revs a little quicker. 2005 seems to have a little more speed on top end. 2006 has more low end torque. 2006 has a magic button! That's about it. If not for the e-start on the 06, I wouldn't spit for the difference. Not that noticable.
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    230 the right bike?

    Are you talking from personal knowledge, or heresay?
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    2006 Crf230 Question

    I think motofreak is referring to them coming loose. He's RIGHT. I took a pair of pliers and squeezed (very SLIGHTLY) the ends closed on mine. It helped a lot in keeping them in place.
  9. Here you go: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1-HandleBar-Risers-CRF150-CRF230-A_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35580QQitemZ4613003930QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW You may want to look into a set of "CR HIGH" aftermarket bars also. I replaced my factory bars, and it made a lot of difference.
  10. There are risers listed on eBay for the 150. Do a search for CRF150 or CRF150 Risers.
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    2006 Crf230 Question

    Those wires plug onto the clutch lever perch. They are the switch wires for the "start" switch on the clutch. When you pull the clutch lever, there is a switch that allows the engine to be started. (or keeps it from starting unless pulled??) In other words.....plug them back up. :thumbsup:
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    150 slow jet

    I don't think that it is "required", but then again, the needle isn't supposed to be "required", according to some people. Yes, I did change the pilot jet, as well as the main and the needle. The pilot jet controls the flow from idle to 1/4 throttle. That doesn't sound like much, but mine was such a pain to keep running until it warmed up, I thought it would be a good idea. It definitely was. On a 30 degree morning I can put on the choke, hit the starter, turn off the choke when it fires, and it idles like it should. It's a whole different bike. Remember.......the main jet regulates from 3/4 to full throttle. To gain the performance issues during the whole powerband, you need to change the pilot and needle also. (unless you have an adjustable needle. Mine wasn't)
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    CRF150 Valve clearance!!!!!!

    The local dealer here told me that they have not had ANY 150s that needed valve adjustments. And they see a lot of bikes.......
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    Stock Pipe Question$$$$$$$$

    I have seen 2 sell in eBay for around $30.00 Your mileage may vary.................
  15. Jesus. PLEASE don't take that advice. Get the RIGHT spokes and do it PROPERLY.