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  1. Joe503

    2016 Shift Stopper

    Have a 2014 YZ250F. Already did the upgrade to the shift stopper assembly with the 2015 part # (solid wheel vs's Bearing style wheel). I noticed that this part was upgraded again for the 2016 / 2017 model. Does anyone know what is different with this 206/2017 part# vs's the 2015 part? does it aid in shifting ease or is another durability upgrade? Also will this new part work with the 2014/2015 model? (not sure if its 2016/2017 bike specific)
  2. Joe503

    Fuel pump 2014

    The 2014 YZ250F is notorious for not being an easy starter (especially when new). It took some time for myself to get down the procedure for my 14 to start up, i found that the trick was to get the bike at TDC before kicking over. (pull the choke open on the left side of the motor, slowly kick the kick start until you find top dead center. It will be like it's slowly kicking then it will hit a very hard spot at the almost bottom of the kick, then push it one click past that and then let up and kick it hard fast. Once you get that down it will start first try when you do it right.) Also the 2015 250F received an updated intake cam which aids in easier starting. The 14 oem cam can be swapped out with the 15. 2015 Cam Part # 1SM-112180-10-00
  3. Joe503

    14 or 15 yz250f?

    The 15 has updated shift stopper and water pump impeller as well. Easy fix for the 14.
  4. Joe503

    2016 YZ450FX Skid Plate

    Thanks guys. Yes i did find that its an OEM part. Looks like the WR and FX have mounts on frame. "F" models do not . But yes there are many aftermarket options that i will now consider. Thanks for the inputs.
  5. Looks like the newly released 2016 YZ450FX shows a plastic skid plate Anyone know if this part will it be an OEM part or is it a part of the GYTR line? Looks like this will fit the 2014-2015 YZ250F line. Have a 2014 YZ250F, If the pricing on this skid plate is not to outrageous might consider it for my 14 250F. (if it fits, which i believe it should).
  6. Joe503

    2014 YZ250F starting issue

    Sounds like electrical. I had a problem with my 2014 250F after washing and letting it sit for a week without starting. Cracks and pops, rough idle, hard starting, etc.. Ended up finally cleaning and waterproffing all connectors with CRC Cleaner and Dielectric grease. Problem Solved. Made a habit now of starting bike up after washing to dry things out.
  7. Joe503

    2015 Problems!

    I agree with LeanBurn. At the minimum I recommend waterproofing as well. My 2014 250F had intermittent problems as well after pessure washing bike and letting it sit for a week without starting. Ended up cleaning and waterproofing all electric connectors as well a plug cap with CRC electrical cleaner and Dielectric grease. Problem solved. I make it a habit now to start the bike after washing to dry thing out. Not a bad idea occassionly to dry with compressed air as well.