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  1. hilltownwalsh

    Air Box Mod Question

    If you don't want to cut the airbox and you aren't going to ford any deep streams, just leave the side cover off the airbox. Plenty of air and easy to change back if you need to. I ride mostly street (90/10) and I'm happy with it.
  2. hilltownwalsh

    DJ160 too lean???? Hard to believe.

    I've read lots of posts and still can't seem to get a handle on this. With a performance exhaust, side cover off airbox and twin air filter with screen removed, will a DJ160 main be too lean at WFO?. I've got the needle in the 5th groove and the bike seems to run great. I'm nervous because of some posts I've read and because the DJ instructions say I should run the 170. I know Jesse says the 160 is the way to go. I've recently tried the DJ165 and I'd say it feels like it runs better with the 160. I know a bunch of guys run the 170 with good results and I don't want to be lean, anyone got any experience here? I think the DJ160 main with the stock exhaust is a bit rich but it still runs ok, I'm thinking that maybe with the peformance can and the twin air things are just right.
  3. hilltownwalsh

    Great customer service!

    I've gotta give alot of credit to Kientech, SWmoto and Dynojet. Each of these has really impressed me with their top notch support. I bought Kientech's valve adjustment tool and it's great. Works very well and came with some nifty instructions from Jesse which proved very helpful. I ordered a new pair of TKC80's from SWmoto tire on a Tuesday evening and was surprised to find them on my front porch Thursday when I got home from work. Mind you, I'm in PA and they are in AZ. That's what I call fast shipping. I want to try the DJ165 main (exhaust and modded box), but the kit came with the 160 and the 170. I called DJ and they sent me one for free and shipped it FedEx. They said it was covered under warranty. Thanks to all of the above, keep up the good work!
  4. hilltownwalsh

    650 flat spot off idle

    Mine had a very pronounced "flat spot" as well. Drill out the brass plug on the bottom of the carb and back the pilot screw out 360 degrees. Like everyone else says, make sure the jets are clean.
  5. hilltownwalsh

    DR650 must have farkles

  6. hilltownwalsh

    White DR

    My 2003 has a white headlight shroud.
  7. hilltownwalsh

    Anyone go from a DRZ to a DR650

    I put my 919 up for sale because I find myself having more fun on the DR. I like the versatility, and I feel safer on the DR because I grew up on dirtbikes. I think for me the DR is about the perfect weight. I don't get blown around too much on the road, yet it feels worlds lighter that my 919.
  8. hilltownwalsh

    Cure for Dent in Gas Tank?

    Same kind of thing happened to me. Go to Pep Boys and get yourself "The Dent King". The thing looks pretty cheasy, but it works great. Mine cost $20 and I've used it for a bunch of things that were dented, might not look factory perfect but it will look alot better than it did. DON'T stick anything into your tank and try to pop it from the out from the inside. I did that and it left a crease, if I had just used the dent king I think it would look like nothing ever happened.
  9. hilltownwalsh


    Hi, I bought one about 1.5 years ago. Love the sound and it gave my bike a substantial power increase. Easily repackable and very lightweight (7.5lbs). Not for steathly exploration type rides, right now I've got the stocker on. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to go back to the racer t where I live, but I love the power. It also has a spark arrester so it's completely legal. The sound is louder than stock but not obnoxious. I went back to stock because I often ride where I probably shouldn't. Where do you live, I may want to sell mine.
  10. hilltownwalsh

    Clutch Lever: Don't Do It

    Don't buy the cheap stuff, it never fits right. I got a clutch lever and perch from bikebandit, great price but didn't fit. I called to let them know, waste of time. I just chucked the junk and bought the parts from Honda.
  11. hilltownwalsh

    Stickier: Scorp ST or Distanzia

    Which is stickier on the street, the Pirelli Scorpion ST or the Avon Distanzia? I've got the Scorp AT's and I'm looking for something a bit stickier on the street. Any input greatly appreciated.
  12. hilltownwalsh

    Air pressure for 90/10% tires?

    I also run 30psi on the Scorpion a/t's and have had good results. The rear has about 3000 miles on it and looks like it will go about another 2000 before it's shot. The front look new after 3000 miles.
  13. hilltownwalsh

    Dyno run on '06 DR650

    Thanks for posting your results, very interesting! I've got the airbox side cover off, stock filter and exhaust, DJ 160 main and 4th clip spot on the needle with the airscrew out about 2 turns. My bike runs perfectly, but I was going to try going down to the DJ155 main because of what I had read. I think I'll just leave it alone after seeing your results. I should know by now anyway, if it runs good, don't mess with it.
  14. hilltownwalsh

    From low to high

    Wow, you're draggin pegs with the bike at the stock height? You must be jammin! I thought the bike handled better in the lowered setting, lower center of gravity and all. Do you see a handling difference or did you just want better clearance? what kind of tires are you using? Do you have 17 inch rims or stock? Thanks, I know that's alot of questions.
  15. hilltownwalsh

    Trail Wings mileage

    Got about 2800 rear and got rid of the front at the same time. I would guess the front probably had another 2000 miles left in it.