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  1. CalMoto

    DRZ 400SM Brake Upgrade

    I have heard people mention using a larger reservoir and I think some of the new caliper kits come with a bigger reservoir. I haven't gotten that far yet.
  2. CalMoto

    DRZ 400SM Brake Upgrade

    Hey Craig, I am currently using EBC pads with a close-to-stock compound. The way this whole saga started was I got a set of Galfer HH pads and they wore out in 400 miles and ground into my rotor. That's why I started searching for a new rotor. Galfer is usually pretty good, but these pads were defective. I went for the EBC pads this time just to be safe. I may go back to an HH conmpound next time. Motul fluid and Galfer SS line. The DR-Z brakes are pretty good stock for what they are, but you are right that the biggest improvement came with the SS line.
  3. CalMoto

    DRZ 400SM Brake Upgrade

    I finally went with a 310 mm Moto Master that I got from Motostrano. I based the decision on the fact that the pads contact perfectly and it was a little easier to keep the stock size. I like the quality of the part and there is a slight improvement in weight and a slight improvement in braking. And it looks pretty cool. If any manufacturers make a kit for the DR-Z SM that has a 320 mm rotor, new caliper, and a perfect mounting braket they could make a lot of sales. Thanks again to everyone who helped with information and opinions.
  4. CalMoto

    DRZ 400SM Brake Upgrade

    Thanks. I'll look into that.
  5. CalMoto

    DRZ 400SM Brake Upgrade

    I am looking for a front brake upgrade for the DRZ and I am having trouble finding a setup that will work. One of the problems is that the stock rotor is 300mm instead of 320mm. There is a rotor and a caliper relocating bracket from Braking, but I read here on Thumper Talk that the stock caliper does not fit exactly and there is a little bit of the brake pad that does not contact the disc. That might not be a big deal, but I don't know. Does the size of the rotor offset the fact that the pads don't contact fully? (Part # STX55D - rotor, POW06 or POW02 - bracket) Galfer says they have a disc, but no one has tried to put it on a DRZ and I measured the mounting holes and it doesn't look like it will fit. (Part # DF462SM - rotor, KIT056 - bracket)) EBC has a disc and a relocating bracket that might work. (http://www.motostrano.com/ebcsuovdico.html) Moto Master has a nice setup with new calipers, but there isn't a kit for the DRZ. (http://www.motostrano.com/moflrakit.html) I can't find a Brembo setup for the DRZ. So it looks like my options so far are Braking (not full contact), EBC, or just use the stock rotor. Do you guys aknow of any setup that I can use? Thanks.